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Okuzure Suisenkyo, Chiba Prefecture: Video Introduction

This video, titled [HD] Chiba Prefecture, Kyonan 'Okuzure Suisenkyo' Daffodil Garden | Famous Flower Spot in Peak Season" ([HD]千葉県・鋸南町「をくづれ水仙郷」Daffodil Garden 花の名所 花見頃), was uploaded by "Discover Nippon."

Kyonan, located on the Boso Peninsula in Chiba prefecture, is home to two famous daffodil spots - Okuzure Suisenkyo, (lit. Okuzure Narcissus Township) and Ezuki Narcissus Road, (江月水仙ロード), earning it a place as one of the "Top 3 Daffodil Colonies in Japan." The name "Okuzure" (をくずれ, sometimes romanized as "wokuzure") uses an unconventional spelling and is said to come from a dialectical pronunciation of local place name "Okuzure" (大崩, おくずれ, romanized as "okuzure").

Okuzure Suisenkyo, is a colony of daffodils stretching from Sakuma Dam's lakeside to the Okuzure area. Nurtured by an abundance of natural light, the gorgeous sight of the pretty, white daffodils blooming along the river makes this a superb sightseeing location.

Between late December and late January (the peak of the daffodil season) a yearly "Daffodil Festival" (水仙まつり, suisen matsuri) is held at Okuzure Suisenkyo, At night there are illuminations, giving the festival a different atmosphere compared to daytime.

Be sure to take a look at the mystical scenes produced by the daffodils blooming along the lakeside in the video.
[Video] 0:00 - Sakuma Dam Lakeside Area Daffodils

What Makes Okuzure Suisenkyo, Special? When to Visit?

Image of daffodils at Okuzure Suisenkyo
Photo:Daffodils at Okuzure Suisenkyo

The town of Kyonan in Chiba Prefecture is listed alongside Awaji Island (淡路島, awaji-shima) of Hyogo and Fukui's Echizen Coast (越前海岸, echizen kaigan) as one of the "Top 3 Daffodil Colonies in Japan."
Encompassing around 2.2 kilometers of land, the space between Sakuma Dam and the Okuzure area is known as Okuzure Suisenkyo, and is best visited between late December and late January, when the area is covered in daffodils as far as the eye can see.
With every rice paddy in the area being of the terraced variety, the embankments that make up this beautiful scenery and the slopes at the mountain's foot provide rich soil for some 60 million daffodils over a vast area of approximately 12 acres.

During the peak season at Okuzure Suisenkyo, from mid-December to mid-January, a direct delivery service is offered to ship daffodils nationwide so that people can enjoy the elegant flowers and fragrance of daffodils at home.
In January of each year, when the daffodils are at their best, Okuzure Suisenkyo, and Ezuki Narcissus Road play host to the Daffodil Festival, complete with illuminations.
 [Video] 0:00 - Sakuma Dam Lakeside Area Daffodils
 [Video] 2:07 - Sakuma Dam Lakeside

Ezuki Narcissus Road, a Popular Hiking Trail + Daffodil Festival Illuminations, Events, and More!

Minamiboso is known for its warm climate, as expressed by an old saying "You don't need a single piece of underwear once you crest Mt. Nokogiri." Even during fierce winters with their westerly winds (westerlies in Japan bring cold air from Siberia over the country), thanks to a distribution of high pressures in the west and low pressure to the east inland, temperatures in the area remain relatively mild. Thanks to these weather conditions, daffodils from Kyonan are deeply scented and grow very tall.

Okuzure Suisenkyo, and Ezuki Narcissus Road are popular daffodil spots in Kyonan. Okuzure Suisenkyo is a 2.2-km area stretching from the Sakuma Dam area to the Okuzure area. Ezuki Narcissus Road refers to a road in the Ezuki area fringed for 3 kilometers on both sides by daffodils. A 30–40 minute walk each direction, the road is a popular hiking trail. Enjoy a stroll accompanied by a lovely view and the welcoming scent of the daffodils blooming along the road.

Each year in January, just as the daffodils begin to bloom, the Daffodil Festival is held at Okuzure Suisenkyo, and Ezuki Narcissus Road, attracting large numbers of tourists.

During the daffodil festival a variety of activities are available, including "mochitsuki" (a Japanese tradition of pounding rice into a stretchy, sticky confection known as "mochi"), vegetable stores open, and events, such as stamp rallies, take place as well. At the shops lining the road, visitors can purchase daffodils in addition to the vegetables for sale. Sakuma Dam Park located on Ezuki Narcissus Road is the stage for a light show at night-time, and the daffodils appear to rise up out of the night, making for an ethereal spectacle.
[Video] 1:47 - Daffodils and Illuminations

Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in Spring at Sakuma Dam Lake Park

Image of kawazu cherry blossoms at Sakuma Dam Lake Park
Photo:Kawazu cherry blossoms at Sakuma Dam Lake Park

Located on the shores of Sakuma Dam's reservoir lake, Sakuma Dam Lake Park (佐久間ダム湖親水公園, sakuma damuko shinsui koen) is known not only for its daffodils, but for its cherry blossoms too.
Between early February and early March the Yoritomo cherry blossoms (also known as Kawazu sakura) bloom, followed by Yoshino cherries from late March to early April, and multi-layered cherry blossoms (八重桜, yae-zakura) from mid to late April, with a "Yoritomo Cherry Blossom Festival" (頼朝桜まつり, Yoritomo Sakura Matsuri) and "Cherry Blossom Festival" (桜まつり, Sakura Matsuri) being held accordingly. Be sure to enjoy mountain dyed pink by the beautiful cherry blossoms in spring. In the vicinity of Sakuma Dam, the daffodils start to bloom as early as December, and as the season comes to an end in February the early-blooming Yoritomo cherry blossoms begin to flower, making it possible to experience a rare duet of daffodils and cherry blossoms.

You can enjoy flowers at Sakuma Dam Lake Park at their best from winter, when the daffodils bloom, right through the cherry blossom season in the spring.

Okuzure Suisenkyo, Chiba Prefecture: Roundup

The "Daffodil Festival," held at one of the "Top 3 Daffodil Colonies in Japan," Okuzure Suisenkyo, and Ezuki Narcissus Road, have highlights aplenty, offering not only gorgeous views of daffodils, but also illuminations, and a variety of other events. A field of daffodils stretching as far as the eye can see would make a pretty good phone background to keep as a reminder of this year's winter. Don't you think?

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Okuzure Suisenkyo – Beautiful Lakeside Views and a Daffodil Festival in a Quiet Japanese Town in Chiba via Video. Learn The Best Season to Visit and More!
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