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Making Anago Nanbanzuke

This video shows how to make Anago Nanbanzuke.

Conger eel (anago) is known to come from Nagasaki, Shimane, and Aichi prefectures. Summer conger eel has little fat and is more refreshing, while winter conger eel is rich in fat, making it a hearty dish that is becoming increasingly popular.
Conger eel is often eaten as a substitute for regular eel, but some people prefer conger eel because it's lower in calories and has a more refreshing flavor than normal eel.

In the video, they make nanbanzuke (roasted or deep-fried fish or meat, marinated in a spicy sauce) using conger eel.

0:05: Opening the eel
3:43: Cutting the eel into small piece
5:42: Adding sake and salt to the eel and mixing it
6:24: Adding flour
6:46: Deep frying in oil
10:38: Preparing the bonito broth
11:28: Pickling the fried eel in a marinade of sugar, salt, vinegar, light soy sauce, and chopped red pepper
12:57: Dishing up the eel and adding onions, green spring onions, and a bit of marinade

In the video, it's paired with a sake called "Dassai" (獺祭)!
Eel is slimy and difficult to process, but if you manage to get some, why not give it a try?

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Last Updated : Jun. 16, 2020
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