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The Relocation of Tsukiji Market to Toyosu Market

This video, titled "One Year After Relocation: 'Toyosu Brand' to the World," (【市場移転から1年 「豊洲ブランド」を世界へ】) was produced by TOKYO MX.
It was in 2018 that Tokyo's Tsukiji Market, a project by Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, was relocated to Toyosu Market, a central wholesale market in Tokyo.

As you can see from 0:35 of the video, Toyosu Market held an event in October 2019 to celebrate the first anniversary of its opening, which drew many visitors to the market.
In the video, you can find out what has changed since the market moved to Toyosu from interviews with real people working at Toyosu.

What Kind of Place Is Toyosu Market?

As you can see from 2:11 in the video, thorough temperature control is essential for handling fresh produce in the wholesale seafood industry.
A major feature of the Toyosu Market is its temperature control and hygiene management functions made possible by the latest closed-type facilities.
If temperature and hygiene management can be achieved on a consistent basis, the number of items handled can be increased.

The relocated Toyosu Market, shown in the video, is open to the general public for tours.
In addition to the seafood wholesale building, the seafood wholesale building gallery tour, and the fruit and vegetable observation tour, there is a PR corner as well.
The tuna auction viewing deck and the turret truck display corner are also a must-see.
Toyosu Market also has restaurants, so you can stroll around and eat.
On weekends and holidays, sushi and other gourmet foods are available for lunch at Toyosu Market, and many Tokyo residents and tourists come here to enjoy a stroll through the market.

How Do the Toyosu Market Operators View the Move From Tsukiji Market to Toyosu Market?

Takayuki Shinoda, the third generation of Ishiji, a fishery wholesaler, says at 1:29 in the video that although he is already deeply familiar with Toyosu Market and has worked there, he has a special place in his heart for Tsukiji Market.
Toyosu Market has a parking lot, but the nearest station to the market is in front of the Yurikamome Market station, and Shinoda says the market's inaccessibility is an issue for the future.

Chef Akifumi Sakagami of Ginza's "Sushi Ginza Onodera," introduced at 4:50 in the video, hopes that Toyosu Market after the relocation will become "The World's Kitchen" and wants to build the Toyosu brand so that it attracts attention from all over the world.

Summary of Toyosu Market's Relocation

Image of Toyosu Market
Photo:Toyosu Market

As introduced in the video, the relocated Toyosu Market conducts daily sales and various promotions with the aim of establishing the "Toyosu Brand."

The Tsukiji Market, once known and loved as "The Kitchen of Japan" is currently undergoing partial demolition, but even after the move to Toyosu Market, many restaurants remain in Tsukiji's other markets.
If you're planning a trip to Tokyo, we recommend visiting Toyosu or Tsukiji Market and trying the delicious seafood they offer!

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The Current Status and Future Outlook for the Toyosu Brand, Which Aims to Become
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