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Yanmar Tokyo: Video Introduction

This video, titled "'Yanmar Tokyo' Opens in Yaesu, Tokyo – A Complex Directly Connected to the Station (January 12, 2023)" (「ヤンマー・トーキョー」東京・八重洲に開業 駅直結の複合施設(2023年1月12日)), was uploaded by "TV TOKYO BIZ" (テレ東BIZ).

Yanmar, known as a major agricultural equipment manufacturer, has opened "Yanmar Tokyo," a complex of facilities in Tokyo with the theme of "rice."

Yanmar Tokyo is a new type of facility that promotes rice and agriculture in the heart of the city near JR Tokyo Station. It features an interactive gallery by creative director Kashiwa Sato and a restaurant where visitors can enjoy delicious dishes made with rice.
Be sure to check out the video introducing Yanmar Tokyo before reading on.

What Is Yanmar Tokyo? A Look at the New Complex That Opened in January 2023 + Location Information and More

Image of Yanmar Tokyo
Photo:Yanmar Tokyo

Yanmar Tokyo is a new building complex which opened in January 2023 after the demolition and renovation of the previous Yanmar Tokyo Building that was built in 1977.

Located in Yaesu, Tokyo, Yanmar Tokyo is a 14-story building with three basement levels and stands 69.88 meters tall. The total floor space is 22,000 m2, and includes commercial areas, restaurants, and gallery spaces on the basement, first, and second floors. The third to 14th floors house the Yanmar Group and other office tenants.

A distinctive feature of the building is its focus on "rice" and "agriculture" as part of Yanmar's "HANASAKA" value initiative.

In the heart of Tokyo's Yaesu district, the facility also plays a role as a base for supporting new farmers and disseminating information on food production.
In addition, Yanmar Tokyo serves as a place where visitors can learn about rice and agriculture, including restaurants where they can enjoy rice and a hands-on gallery where they can learn about rice.

Yanmar Kome Gallery – Fun for Kids and Adults Alike!

Image of inside Yanmar Tokyo
Photo:Inside Yanmar Tokyo

The Yanmar Kome Gallery (Yanmar Rice Gallery), a hands-on exhibit in Yanmar Tokyo, offers a variety of contents to enjoy. Visitors can discover the beauty of rice through various challenges.

For example, the the "Rice Personality Test," in which participants answer "yes" or "no" to a set of questions and are told which variety of rice fits their personality, and the "Wisdom of Rice Cultivation," in which visitors learn how to solve problems that arise during rice cultivation through a game using dice.

The direction of the gallery was overseen by creative director Kashiwa Sato. In addition to the aforementioned content, the gallery is also decorated with rice straw.

The atrium, which features artwork composed of multiple layers of cherry blossom petals, is popular for its dynamic, photogenic sights. The rice sculpture, the symbol of the Yanmar Rice Gallery, and the tractors are also popular spots! Be sure to take some photos with your kids if you're visiting as a family.

Italian Cuisine, Seaweed Bentos and More! Check Out the Tasty Restaurants at Yanmar Tokyo!

Yanmar Tokyo offers more than just information on rice and agriculture; it also offers a wide variety of delicious foods that allow visitors to enjoy the delicious taste of rice.

The restaurant on the second floor is ASTERISCO, an Italian restaurant supervised by Kundo Koyama, a broadcast writer and producer, and produced by Yoshiyuki Okuno, the chef of La Brianza in Roppongi.

At ASTERISCO, with "rice" being the core of the menu, diners can enjoy small dishes prepared in the "Yum cha" style, using special ingredients from each of the four seasons in different regions. This is a new type of restaurant where a cart moves around the seating area, providing information about the ingredients while simultaneously serving food to guests, allowing them to enjoy their meal in an interactive format. The restaurant is open for lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and for dinner from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Next is Yaehachi, a take-out restaurant on the basement floor that specializes in nori bento (bento boxes utilizing dried seaweed). The restaurant uses rice cooked in a rice cooker and a special typed of seaweed made from a combination of two types of seaweed from Mikawa Bay in Aichi Prefecture. The nori bento, which is served with side dishes using koji (malted rice), is a must-try. The restaurant is open from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

From Carefully Grown Rice to Sake Ice Cream! Explore the Exciting Shops at Yanmar Tokyo

Image of ice cream
Photo:Ice cream

One of the tenants on the first floor of Yanmar Tokyo is KOME-SHIN, a store inspired by the concept of "enjoying rice like wine." Here, rice retailers offer a wide selection of different varieties of rice grown from all over Japan, allowing customers to buy the rice that suits their palate. The rice is bottled, so customers can purchase it as if they were selecting a bottle of wine, all while enjoying the fashionable atmosphere of the store.

Alongside KOME-SHIN is SAKEICE Tokyo Shop, where patrons can enjoy sake ice cream. The ice cream sold at this store is mixed with sake, giving it a high alcohol content. Because of this, minors and patrons coming by car are advised to keep this in mind. Of course, non-alcoholic versions are also available.

The store has developed products in collaboration with sake breweries from all over Japan, allowing visitors to experience Japan's rich sake culture through a treat that everyone is familiar with.

Yanmar Tokyo's HANASAKA Campaign Is Underway!

HANASAKA Ohanami Weekend (Hanasaka Cherry Blossom Viewing Weekend) was held for 3 days from January 13, the opening day of Yanmar Tokyo (Tokyo), at a special venue on the 8th floor where a real cherry tree with cherry blossoms was set up along with a photo spot for taking pictures. The event was very popular and visitors could take pictures at the photo spot and post them on social networking sites with a special hashtag to receive a vacuum-packed packet of rice.

Currently, Yanmar is holding a campaign in which participants who follow Yanmar's official Twitter account and retweet campaign posts will be entered into a drawing to win a NIPLUX NECK RELAX, a neck stiffness relief product. Up to 10 people will win prizes. The campaign is currently underway, so be sure to join in!

Yanmar Tokyo Summary

Image of Yanmar Tokyo
Photo:Yanmar Tokyo

Yanmar Tokyo is a hub where Yanmar, which has been involved in agriculture for many years through its efforts to reduce environmental impact and create an appealing food culture, communicates the joy of continuing to take on new challenges.

Today, when a sustainable society is becoming more and more important, the Yanmar Tokyo Building can serve as an important base for promoting a sustainable society to a wider audience.

The building is directly connected to Tokyo Station making it easy to access. Enjoy learning about Japan's food culture and the environment!

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Last Updated : Feb. 1, 2023
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Yanmar Tokyo, a New Complex Based on the Theme of 'Rice,' Is Now Open to the Public! A Look at the Wonderful Facility Where You Can Experience HANASAKA, the Values of Yanmar!
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