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Video Introduction: Mononoke Village and Valley of Witches, Aichi Prefecture

This video, titled "[Ghibli] Latest Information "Mononoke Village" and "Valley of Witches" – An Interview with Director Goro Miyazaki! A Perfect Recreation of Whisper of the Heart's Antique Shop?!" (【ジブリ】新情報「もののけの里」「魔女の谷」を宮崎吾朗監督に直撃! 「耳をすませば」の地球屋をプロの仕事で完全再現!?), was uploaded by "CHUKYO TV NEWS" (中京テレビNEWS).
The theme park "Ghibli Park," scheduled to open on November 1, 2022, is drawing a lot of attention right now. The latest information on the Mononoke Village and Valley of Witches areas within the park is presented in the form of an interview with director Goro Miyazaki, the son of Hayao Miyazaki.

Information on Ghibli Park - Opening Dates, Location, Etc.

Image of an aerial view of Aichi Earth Expo Memorial Park in Aichi, Japan, taken via drone
Photo:An aerial view of Aichi Earth Expo Memorial Park in Aichi, Japan, taken via drone

Ghibli Park is a park that recreates the world of Studio Ghibli. The park is located in Aichi Expo Memorial Park in Nagakute, Aichi, in Japan's Tokai Region. There are no big attractions or rides at the park, and it's a place where visitors can explore forests and paths while feeling the wind on their skin and discovering hidden secrets. The fact that the park is built together with the forest shows how much importance is placed on the Ghibli worldview. Ghibli Park is divided into five areas, which will be opened sequentially by completion date. The first phase of the park will open on November 1, 2022 and will include the "Hill of Youth," "Dondoko Forest," where Satsuki and Mei's house from "My Neighbor Totoro" is located, and "Ghibli's Grand Warehouse," which will house various exhibits of Studio Ghibli works.

The second phase is scheduled to open in the fall of 2023 with "Mononoke Village" and "Valley of Witches." Check out the official website for detailed opening dates and a map of the park.

Mononoke Village – Scheduled to Launch in 2023

The Mononoke Village area is scheduled to open approximately one year after the November 2022 opening. In Mononoke Village, visitors will be able to see facilities that appeared in the movie "Princess Mononoke" as well as objects made based on the characters in the movie.
During the interview, director Goro Miyazaki says that objects (playground equipment) will be made in the likeness of the demons/cursed gods in Princess Mononoke, and that they will also be climbable. In addition, visitors can enjoy a hands-on learning experience at "Irontown," where iron is extracted from iron sand, and a charcoal-making hut is also under construction.

Valley of Witches – Scheduled to Launch in 2024

Following Mononoke Village, Valley of Witches is scheduled to open. It has been announced that the Okino residence where Kiki, the main character in the movie "Kiki's Delivery Service," was born and raised will be constructed, and the room where Kiki packed her bags will be faithfully reproduced as well.
The "Gütiokipänjä Bakery," where Kiki and her black cat Jiji lived, will have a store as well as an attic.
According to an interview with director Goro Miyazaki, the "Gütiokipänjä Bakery" will actually sell bread baked in a stone oven. The opening of Valley of the Witches is surely something to look forward to!

The 'Hill of Youth' – A Faithful Recreation of the Antique Shop Featured in 'Whisper of the Heart'

The "Hill of Youth" will open prior to "Mononoke Village" and "Valley of Witches." There, the antique shop from the movie Whisper of the Heart will be recreated.
The shop is built by Tatsuya Yamada, an architect specializing in wooden structures, and Takeshi Nakamura, a carpenter, who reviewed the work dozens of times, paying close attention to the smallest details.

One example of the attention to detail was shared in the interview as well. It's mentioned that, in order to reproduce every detail, they asked an abacus craftsman to decorate a part of the balcony railing fence for the antique shop. This shows the attention to detail that went into recreating the structure to immerse visitors in the world of Ghibli. Now that you have this knowledge, you can be sure to look for small details like this when visiting!
[Video] 8:00 - Interview with Yamada and Nakamura

Admission Fees, Tickets, and Free Areas at Ghibli Park

Ghibli Park requires a reservation for each area with specific dates and times. Please check the official Ghibli Park website for up-to-date admission fees and pricing for each area.
Tickets are scheduled to go on sale in August, and will be available for purchase through Boo-Woo Tickets (Boo-Wooチケット) and other means.
In addition, Ghibli Park will also have a free area with playground equipment inspired by "The Cat Returns." This is great information for those who live nearby with young children or those planning on visiting the area with kids.

【Official Website】Ghibli Park

【TripAdvisor】Aichi Expo Memorial Park

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Ghibli Park: The Latest Information on the Long-Awaited Theme Park for Ghibli Fans Set to Open in Aichi Prefecture in Fall, 2022! Mononoke Village, Valley of Witches, and More!
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