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YORU MO-DE at Toyokawa Inari: Video Introduction

This video, titled "A Temple Visit at Night With a Fantastical Atmosphere|Using Technology to Prevent Infection|Toyokawa Inari, Aichi (2022/7/25)" (幻想的な雰囲気の中で「夜の参拝」を 感染対策には驚きの演出も 愛知・豊川稲荷(2022/7/25)), was uploaded by "CBC News [CBC TV Official]" (CBCニュース【CBCテレビ公式】).
Toyokawa Inari x NAKED YORU MO-DE, which began last July, is a safe and secure, new-style nighttime worship event that focuses on preventing infection.

Be sure to check out the video as it shows Toyokawa Inari and the photogenic light art, illuminated approach, and many other attractions that can be seen at YORU MO-DE.

Toyokawa Inari - Is It a Temple or Shrine?

Image of Reiko-Zuka, the Hill of Foxes at Toyokawa Inari, Aichi Prefecture
Photo:Reiko-Zuka, the Hill of Foxes at Toyokawa Inari, Aichi Prefecture

Toyokawa Inari, located in Toyokawa, Aichi, in Japan's Tokai region, is a temple officially called Enpukuzan Myogonji Temple and is one of the three major Inari shrines in Japan.

The reason it is called Toyokawa Inari is that it enshrines a deity called "Toyokawa Dakini Shinten," a god astride a white fox (Inari shrines are dedicated to foxes), who is believed to bring prosperity to business and safety to one's family. It is said that this may be due to the fact that the shrine is also associated with the Inari faith.

Toyokawa Inari is famous for offering four types of shuin stamps. The summer-only shuin stamps with cool designs are quite popular. In addition, a variety of good luck charms are available, including some with cute foxes on them.

Toyokawa Inari has branch temples throughout Japan. Toyokawa Kaku Myogonji Temple in Akasaka, Tokyo, also known as Toyokawa Inari Betsuin, is a popular urban power spot. The fortune-telling service at Toyokawa Inari Betsuin is particularly popular due to its accuracy, causing there to often be a queue of people waiting to receive their fortunes.

Ticket and Event Information for Toyokawa Inari YORU MO-DE 2022

Toyokawa Inari YORU MO-DE 2022 is from July 22 to August 6. This is a limited-time event to enjoy a nighttime temple visit, and tickets must be purchased in order to participate. Tickets can be purchased at the on-site reception during the event period, or in advance on ticket websites. Admission is 1,500 yen for adults. Elementary school students and younger can enter free of charge.
During YORU MO-DE, visitors can enjoy a variety of illuminated artworks in the precincts of Toyokawa Inari, which attract a lot of attention due to how photogenic they are.
In addition to the approach to the temple being lit up, this year the light-up area has been expanded even further! Reiko-Zuka, the Hill of Foxes, where approximately 1,000 fox statues are enshrined, will be illuminated with light and sound effects, creating an even more beautiful and mysterious atmosphere.

In addition, the colorful flower-shaped mikuji that have become popular on Japanese social media will add color and delight visitors. Summer is also the best time for yukata! The FOX MASK, available in limited quantities, goes perfectly with yukata, and allows visitors to take memorable photos!

Also, the "Tsukubai," a stone wash basin used to purify oneself, emits disinfectant when hands are held near it and projects motifs of goldfish and fireworks. In addition, the light patterns on the lanterns allow visitors to maintain safe social distancing while enjoying the attractions.

How Crowded is Toyokawa Inari YORU-MODE 2022?

With the number of people infected with the new coronavirus on the rise, one concern people have inevitably expressed is how crowded the event will be.
At this year's YORU MO-DE, in addition to infection prevention measures, such as alcohol disinfection and lanterns that allow people to naturally maintain distance from other visitors, as mentioned above, a new system has also been introduced.
On the day of the event, visitors will obtain a digital numbered ticket by scanning a QR code before entering, and will receive a message on via LINE when it's time to enter.

Through this system, the number of visitors allowed into the temple grounds per hour is limited to 1,500 to prevent crowding and to prevent the spread of the virus. Until you can enter with a digital numbered ticket, you can fill your stomach at the food stalls and stores in the shopping area.

This system allows visitors to make good use of their time while waiting instead of just standing in line until they can enter.

Delicious Food to Try at Toyokawa Inari!

When you visit Toyokawa Inari, be it for sightseeing or to pray, there's one food that you've got to try. That is, Toyokawa Inari Sushi!

Named after Inari Okami's favorite abura-age, this sushi is a must-try. We recommend Okitsune Honpo (おきつね本舗) if you want to try it! They also offer take-out, so it is perfect for eating while you walk around. The "Okitsune Burger," which uses fried tofu instead of buns, is also popular according to reviews. Consider giving it a try!

Summary of YORU MO-DE at Toyokawa Inari

If you haven't already seen the video introducing the precincts of the temple and other areas decorated with light effects, be sure to check it out.
When visiting the event, although a large parking lot is available, we recommend using public transportation instead of a car, as parking is expected to be crowded during the event.

Toyokawa Inari YORU MO-DE is a festival where visitors can enjoy beautiful art with the aim of revitalizing the local community. There are many hotels and other lodging facilities in the area. If you're visiting Aichi for sightseeing, definitely give YORU MO-DE a thought, it's a fantastic summer-only event!

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YORU MO-DE 2022 at Toyokawa Inari! A Fantastical Summer Event in Aichi Prefecture Whose Beauty Revitalizes the Community!
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