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Autumn Leaves & Sightseeing in Fujikawaguchiko: Video Introduction

This video, titled "Must-see Views at Lake Kawaguchi|A Corridor of Autumn Leaves" (Must See in Kawaguchiko,Japan "Autumn Leaves Corridor" 河口湖 紅葉(もみじ)回廊), was uploaded by "ka2see tv."
The Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival is held in conjunction with the autumn leaves of Lake Kawaguchi, which are at their best from early to mid-November. Visitors are fascinated by the corridor surrounded by beautiful autumn leaves. Check out the relaxing illuminations and the pleasant rustling of leaves in the video below.

Celebrate Autumn With the Colorful Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival

Image of the corridor of autumn leaves at the Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival
Photo:The corridor of autumn leaves at the Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival

The "Fuji Kawaguchi Lake Autumn Leaves Festival" is held at Lake Kawaguchi .
Period: October 28 - November 23, 2023
Time: 9:00~19:00 Light up until 22:00
Admission: Free
Main Venue: Momiji Corridor

This is a popular sightseeing event where visitors can observe the autumn foliage of approximately 400 to 500 trees along the shores of Lake Kawaguchi, with Mt. Fuji in the distance.
[Video] 2:57 - The Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival

[Video] 0:16 - A View of the Illuminated Autumn Foliage

A Spectacular View of Mt. Fuji and Autumn Leaves Around Lake Kawaguchi!

Image of Mt. Fuji from a tunnel of autumn leaves at Lake Kawaguchi
Photo:Mt. Fuji from a tunnel of autumn leaves at Lake Kawaguchi

There are a number of places around Lake Kawaguchi where visitors can enjoy the autumn leaves. Here are some of the best places to take pictures around Lake Kawaguchi.

●The Tunnel of Autumn Leaves
This is a famous spot where the autumn leaves along the road turn red and resemble a colorful tunnel. The composition of the autumn leaves, Mt. Fuji, and Lake Kawaguchi is very popular, and many photographers and tourists visit this spot to take photos. The view of the bright red autumn leaves over Mt. Fuji is like a painting, reminding us of the autumn season in Japan. The spot has been featured on tourism posters, and it's sure to be a popular on Instagram as well.

Momiji-dai, an observation deck for viewing the autumn leaves, is located on Mt. Ashiwada at the eastern end of the Aokigahara Sea of Trees on the north side of Mt. Fuji. The observation deck offers a breathtaking 360-degree view. You can see Mt. Fuji and the Aokigahara Sea of Trees through the autumn leaves, as well and the views of Lake Motosu and Lake Nishiko are also outstanding.

Lake Motosu
Lake Motosu, one of the Fuji Five Lakes, is a popular photo spot that even appears on the 1,000-yen bill. Lake Motosu is famous for its upside-down Fuji reflected on the surface of the lake, and in autumn, the reddish autumn leaves can be seen reflected on the surface of the lake as well. Enjoy a collaboration of colorful autumn leaves and Mt. Fuji in one place.

Summary of Autumn Leaves at Lake Kawaguchi

Image of the Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival
Photo:The Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival

Come and enjoy Japan's unique autumn scenery at the Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival. The illuminated autumn leaves of Fujikawaguchiko are a very different sight from those seen during the daytime. There are many places around Lake Kawaguchi where you can take photos of the autumn leaves as well, so be sure to bring a camera when sightseeing in Yamanashi!

During the Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival, many people are expected to visit and crowds and traffic jams are likely to occur. Free temporary parking is available, but spaces are limited.
To avoid congestion around the venue in 2023, please use the shuttle bus during weekends and holidays.
Traffic near Kawaguchiko Bridge can be checked via live camera, so we recommend using it when you visit the area.

【Official Website】The 24th Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival

【TripAdvisor】The Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival

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The Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival! Enjoy a Colorful Illumination of Autumn Leaves, and Photogenic Spots! Autumn Sightseeing in Yamanashi
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