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Haneda Airport Garden, Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan Video Introduction

This video, titled "[Haneda Airport Garden] Fully Opened and Ready Promote Japanese Culture" (【羽田エアポートガーデン】全面開業 日本文化を発信), was uploaded by "Nihon Keizai Shimbun" (日本経済新聞).

Haneda Airport Garden, a commercial complex directly connected to Haneda Airport's international flights and Terminal 3 had its grand opening on January 31, 2023.

Stores with noren curtains and other elements of Japanese culture line the aisles. Haneda Sando is store designed to resemble the approach to a Shinto shrine, with stores on both sides of the aisle, which gives visitors a fun experience similar to that of a typical Japanese shrine festival.

The Handa Airport Garden was created with the hope that visitors to Japan can experience Japan from the moment they step off the plane. Be sure to check out the video of Haneda Airport Garden as you read along.

What is Haneda Airport Garden?

Image of Haneda Airport, Terminal 3
Photo:Haneda Airport, Terminal 3

The Haneda Airport Garden, by Sumitomo Realty & Development, was originally scheduled to open in April 2020, following an increase in the number of international flights, but was postponed due to the impact of the novel coronavirus. The full opening of the new building has been planned in anticipation of a recovery in tourism to Japan.

Directly connected to Haneda Airport Terminal 3, Haneda Airport Garden boasts 12 floors and a total area of 43,000 square meters.

The first floor features restaurants, a food court, and other establishments for food and drinks, while the second floor is lined with shops selling local specialties, souvenirs, and sundries, making it a large-scale facility with approximately 70 tenants.

In addition, there's a bus terminal on the first floor, which serves as a direct connection between tourist attractions and Haneda Airport, while the second through twelfth floors include a hotel and hot spring facilities.
Haneda Airport Garden is a new commercial complex being called the "new face" of Japan.

Haneda Airport Garden – Hours, Recommended Souvenir Shops, and Japanese Culture

Here we'll introduce the stores featured in the video as wel las their business hours.

●Hakuchikudo, a Fan Specialty Shop in Kyoto
Hakuchikudo is a store with more than 300 years of history, founded in 1718. The store is popular for making beautiful and fashionable traditional Kyo-sen (Kyoto-style folding fans) created by techniques passed down from one generation to the next.
[Video] 0:28 - Hakuchikudo

●Kurazukuri Honpo, a Shop Selling Traditional Japanese Sweets
Established in Kawagoe in 1887, this Japanese confectionery store values "ingredients" and "technique" and sells exquisite wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) that are made with the care and passion of its craftsmen. The "Fukuzo" (福蔵, homemade red bean paste wrapped in baked rice cake skin) and "Beniaka kun" (べにあかくん, a biscuit made with butter, whipped cream, and Japanese sweet potatoes) are especially popular.
[Video] 0:38 - Kurazukuri Honpo

●Yamakoshi Honpo, a Shop Selling Local Specialties From Niigata, Japan
This shop sells local specialties from Nagaoka, Niigata. You can purchase special types of rice, processed rice products, miso, sake, and more.
[Video] 1:02 - Yamakoshi Honpo

●Rokkakukan Sakurado is a shop specializing in cosmetic brushes. Visitors can purchase cosmetic brushes and miscellaneous cosmetic goods only available at Haneda Airport Garden here, as well as products from Chikuhodo, a famous cosmetic brush manufacturer in Kumano, Japan.
[Video] 1:12 - Rokkakukan Sakurado From Kyoto

●Hakuchikudo and Kurazukuri Honpo are located in the "Japan Promenade" area, while Yamakoshi Honpo and Rokkakukan Sakurado are located in the "Haneda Sando" area. Both shops are making their first appearance in Tokyo. Business hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Recommended Restaurants at Haneda Airport Garden + Business Hours

In addition to shopping, visitors to the Haneda Airport Garden can also enjoy a variety of dining experiences.

●OEDO FOOD HALL Food Court (大江戸フードホール) (Hours - 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.)
The interior design is a modern interpretation of Edo-period Japan, and the walls are decorated with ukiyoe-style paintings, a type of woodblock print painting popular at the time. The food court serves a wide variety of dishes, including steak cooked on lava rock, juwari soba noodles made from 100% buckwheat flour, and tekkaju, a dish that uses natural tuna directly shipped from Misaki Port. The restaurant also features ingredients from Tokyo and neighboring prefectures.

●The Izakaya Umaiyo Sakana Umaiyo Sakana (うまいよ魚旨いよ魚) (Hours - 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.)
A wide variety of fish dishes can be enjoyed here, and customers can enjoy 27 kinds of sake carefully selected from all over Japan. The interior design, reminiscent of a shrine, is also worth noting.

●Hanayama Udon (五代目 花山うどん) (Lunch Hours - 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Dinner Hours 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.)
The popular "Hishikawa Udon" here has a chewy texture that could be mistaken for rice cakes, with their signature large noodles.

Heijoen, a Japanese BBQ Restaurant (Hours 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.)
Heijoen is a restaurant where patrons can enjoy Japan's world-famous Wagyu beef. The menu includes delicious platters and Kobe Beef Tokusen Gozen, a set meal that includes an assortment of the finest cuts of Kobe beef, and the restaurant is proud of the high quality of its beef, which is mainly Kobe Beef.

Haneda Airport Garden – Hotels & Natural Hot Springs

The Haneda Airport Garden is home to Villa Fontaine, the largest hotel directly connected to an airport, with a total of 1,717 guest rooms.

Villa Fontaine is divided into two types: Villa Fontaine Premier Haneda Airport and Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport.

Villa Fontaine Premier has parking available for one car per room (reservation required), and is recommended for those who not only want to use the airport, but also those purely interested in staying at the hotel.

The hot spring facility "Izumi Tenku no Yu" located on the 12th floor of the hotel is drawing a lot of attention as a hot spring where you can enjoy airplane spotting and views of Mt. Fuji. There are four areas to enjoy, from relaxing hot springs to bedrock baths and saunas. Non-hotel guests can also use the facilities by paying a fee, and it's open 24 hours a day!

Summary of Haneda Airport Garden

Haneda Airport is aiming to become the new gateway to Japan. Haneda Airport Garden, which has just fully opened at Haneda Airport, is a commercial complex where visitors can fully enjoy Japanese culture.
It's a great place for both Japanese citizens and foreign visitors to Japan alike to enjoy the delicious dining experiences, shopping, saunas, and more.

The interior design is also really photogenic for any instagrammers looking for a new place to check out! Discover the new face of Japan at Haneda Airport Garden!

【Official Website】Haneda Airport Garden

【TripAdvisor】Tokyo International Airport, Haneda Airport

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Haneda Airport Garden
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