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Nabana no Sato Illumination: Video Introduction

This video, titled "Nabana no Sato Flower Park and Amazing Winter Illumination Displays, Kuwana City, Mie," was uploaded by "Nagashima Resort Official Channel" (ナガシマリゾート 公式チャンネル). Nabana no Sato Illumination is an illumination event with a different theme each year, as well as a winter tradition in Mie Prefecture.
The video shows the 2019-2020 event with the theme "Cherry Blossoms." The themed area is one of the largest in Japan, and the colorful production using the world's most advanced programming technology is utterly spectacular. In addition, "Hana-Kairo" (華回廊, lit 'Flower Corridor'), a 200-meter-long tunnel of light, envelops visitors in a fantastic atmosphere and is a must-see attraction at the event. Be sure to check out the beautiful lights of Nabana no Sato Illumination as you read along!

Nabana no Sato Illumination – Highlights, Event Period, & Other Useful Information

Image of Nabana no Sato Illumination, Kuwana, Mie
Photo:Nabana no Sato Illumination, Kuwana, Mie

Nabana no Sato Illumination is held at Nabana no Sato, a theme park of flowers and food. It's just one of the facilities of Nagashima Resort in Kuwana, Mie, in Japan's Tokai Region. There are various facilities around the park as well, the most famous of which are the Jumbo Seawater Pool and Nagashima Spa Land. Nabana no Sato Illumination is about a 20-minute bus ride from Nagashima Spa Land.

Nabana no Sato Illumination is usually held from late October to the end of May, with beautiful seasonal scenery, such as weeping plum blossoms and cherry blossoms illuminated in the spring and autumn leaves illuminated in the fall. The area also offers different views at different times of the day, with beautiful flowers during the day and light art at night. With Nagashima Resort facilities in the vicinity, this is a popular tourist attraction in Mie that offers plenty of ways to enjoy yourself.

Nabana no Sato Illumination – Event Dates for the Winter Illumination Event

Image of a sea of clouds at Nabana no Sato Illumination, Kuwana, Mie
Photo:A sea of clouds at Nabana no Sato Illumination, Kuwana, Mie

Nabana no Sato Illumination is held every year with a different theme. After watching the stunning video you're sure to want to visit yourself!

So, you may be wondering "What's this year's theme?" "What time is the park open 'til?" "How long does it take to see everything?", etc. etc. We'll answer all of those questions below!

Nabana-no-sato Illumination 2023-2024
Theme: "Golden Pyramid
Period: October 21, 2023 - June 2, 2024
Special date-specific tickets are required for the illumination from 15:00 to 23:00 on December 23 to 25.
Illumination hours: Varies according to the time of sunset. From fall to winter, it will be from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm, and from spring to summer, it will be from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. For details, please see the official website.
Time required: approximately 2 hours
Admission fee: 2,500 yen (adults and children)

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Nabana no Sato Illumination features seven spots where visitors can view elaborate works of light art. The highlight of the illuminations is the Tunnel of Light, which was selected as a bucket-list location. LED light bulbs in the shape of flowers create a fantastical atmosphere, making it a popular spot for taking photos.

Nabana no Sato Illumination – Perfect for a Romantic Christmas Date! Get Your Exclusive Tickets!

Image of Nabana no Sato Illumination 2020, Kuwana, Mie
Photo:Nabana no Sato Illumination 2020, Kuwana, Mie

During the event period, from December 23 to 25, a special Christmas event will be held, requiring a special ticket for admission. The tickets are designated for a specific day, from 15:00 to 23:00. On the same day, visitors can enter the Begonia Garden at no extra charge on the day of the event, where a special Christmas production will be presented.

Illumination tickets can be purchased in advance at convenience stores. Also, check out the special plans that include transportation to and from the illumination if you stay at an official hotel.
Enjoy a romantic Christmas date with your special someone with the fantastical Nabana no Sato Illumination! It's sure to be a memorable time!

Summary of Nabana no Sato Illumination

Nabana no Sato Illumination is a nationally renowned illumination event and a popular tourist attraction. As a result, various tours are organized and many tourists visit the area.
Nagashima Resort is easily accessible by public transportation and has various facilities in the surrounding area, so whether it be flowers or illuminations, there are attractions for everyone to enjoy! The resort is particularly popular among families and couples. After a day of fun, you can relax and unwind at a hotel or hot spring.

Nabana no Sato Illumination, which can be enjoyed almost all year round, attracts many people each year. Experience the overwhelming twinkling lights at one of the largest illumination events in Japan! It's sure to make your travels in Mie memorable!

◆Nabana no Sato◆
【Address】〒511-1144 Mie, Kuwana, Nagashimacho Komae, 漆畑270
【Telephone】0594-41-0787 (9:00 AM - 9:00 PM)
【Parking】Free parking available
【Hours/Access】Please check the official website

【TripAdvisor】Nabana no Sato

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Nabana no Sato Illumination – One of the Largest Illuminations in Japan! Enjoy a Romantic Christmas in This World of Joy and Colorful Lights in Mie Prefecture!
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