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TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION 2022 – A Tokyo City Keiba Illumination: Video Introduction

This video, titled "[Tokyo Mega Illumination 2022] Oi Racecourse Illumination iPhone14Pro 4K [Filming Date] 10/15/2022" (【東京メガイルミ2022】大井競馬場 イルミネーション iPhone14Pro 4K【撮影日】2022/10/15), was uploaded by "onchannel."

In this video, you can see the Tokyo Mega Illumination 2022, which is being held at Tokyo City Keiba (Oi Racecourse) since October 15, 2022. Enjoy the fantastic world of lights, including illuminations, projection mapping, and a spectacular fountain show, filmed from a visitor's point of view!


TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION is an illumination event held at Tokyo City Keiba in Shinagawa, Tokyo, in Japan's Kanto Region, which began in 2018. During the winter season only, Tokyo City Keiba will be covered in glittering lights even on non-racing days.

The "Mega Illumination Show - Twinkle Fountain and Aurora Borealis" is a spectacular event. The dynamic fountain show, the mysterious aurora performance with seven-colored trees and lasers, and the lighting up of large trees with moving lights collaborate to create an exhilarating experience.
[Video] 4:00 - Mega Illumination Show - Twinkle Fountain and Aurora Borealis

Attractions & Things to Do at TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION

Tokyo Mega Illumination has a lot to offer. Here are some recommendations for families, groups of friends, and couples. Young children and grandparents alike are sure to enjoy the spectacular illumination as well. Color Shadow allows visitors to enjoy shadow puppets using their own shadows, and Moving Light features colorful lights that move around. In TWINKLE TUNNEL, visitors can experience a magical world of projection mapping. This is a great activity for young children as they can enjoy running around in the magical projection mapping and moving lights.
[Video] 0:28 - TWINKLE TUNNEL Projection Mapping

Don't forget to take photos with your family and friends or special someone! There are many colorful and photogenic photo spots, such as Rainbow Staircase and the Rose Garden! The Pony Carriage, a unique feature of Tokyo City Keiba, is another recommended attraction. Visitors can take memorable photos with cute ponies.
[Video] 0:58 - The Colorful Rainbow Staircase

Tokyo Mega Illumination is also a recommended event for dates. The Sparkling Area of Japan features a vast illumination of beautiful Japanese landscapes. The Edo Cherry Blossom Tunnel, a 100-meter-long tunnel made up of countless LEDs in the shape of flower petals, will transport you into a world of light! Take a leisurely stroll through the illumination and enjoy the magical lighting.
[Video] 1:04 - The Sparkling Area of Japan Illumination

Food at TOKYO MEGA ILLUMINATION – Where to Eat After Enjoying the Attractions

Image of Kitsune Udon
Photo:Kitsune Udon ※Image is for reference only

While enjoying the illuminations at Tokyo Mega Illumination, be sure to enjoy the food as well!

The restaurant STAR LIGHT offers steaks and other meat dishes in the restaurant, as well as a lighter menu for take-out orders. G-FRONT is a dining area that offers dishes that will warm you up, such as curry, udon, and ramen noodles.

Wa~nagomi (和~nagomi~) is a cafe that offers a full menu including set menus and matcha tiramisu. Visitors can take a relaxing break while viewing the illumination.

Horseshoe churros are a popular snack and are available at Potato & Churros, while visitors can order crepes, dango, and waffles for takeout at Sweets Stable.

Oi Racecourse Illumination Tokyo Mega Illumi 2023 is full of events! Collaboration projects with Roddy, monkey-mawashi, and juggling!

In 2022, collaboration with the popular game Horse Daughter Pretty Derby became a hot topic.At Oi Racecourse Illumination Tokyo Mega Illumi 2023, a collaboration event with the horse motif balance ball Roddy will be held!Among the colorful rodies, there is also an exceptionally large rodies! There are also trap and stamp rallies, so parents and children can enjoy themselves.

Also, you can't miss the night performance where you can see the performance of cute monkeys by Nikko Monkey Army and excellent juggling are performed.

Also check out Oi Racecourse's unique Horse-san Event! There are commemorative photographs with small horses dressed in ribbons and limited number of paid events such as Pony Riding Experience and Pony Carriage Experience.

Why don't you visit after checking the date of the event you are interested in?


Image of Tokyo City Keiba
Photo:Tokyo City Keiba

Enjoy the exciting atmosphere of Tokyo Mega Illumination in a large venue unique to a horse racing track. A large parking lot is also available for those coming by car or motorcycle. The facility also has a clean diaper changing and nursing area, so guests coming with infants and small children can enjoy the event with peace of mind.

Same-day ticket sales may be suspended during busy times, so it's recommended that you purchase advance tickets for a specific date and time ahead of time.

Tokyo Mega Illumination is open even on rainy days, but horse events and other events may be canceled or have their locations changed. Be sure to check before you go.

◆Oi Racecourse Illumination Tokyo Mega Illumi◆
Period: November 11, 2023 - January 8, 2024
Venue: Oi Racecourse 〒140-0012 Katsujima 2-chome 1-2
in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo Access: [Train] 8 minutes by monorail from Hamamatsu Station, 2 minutes walk from Oi Racecourse Mae Station
     [Car] Map code: 344 108*17
Parking: Yes (fee)
Price/Ticket: [Advance Ticket] 800 to 1,500 yen for adults 400 to 700 yen for children (varies by schedule)
        [Ticket on the day] 1,000-2,000 yen for adults 500-1,000 yen for children (varies by schedule)
Free for preschoolers
*Please check the official website for access to the venue and ticket fees.

【Official Website】TOKYO MEGA ILUMI 2023-2024

【TripAdvisor】Oi Racecourse (Tokyo City Keiba)

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