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Izu Kogen Granillumi: Video Introduction

This video, titled "What Makes Izu Kogen Granillumi 2021 So Incredible, Explained in 6 Minutes! Watch in [4K】" (6分でわかる!2021伊豆高原グランイルミの凄さ【4K】でご覧下さい), was uploaded by "Hiro Time" (ひろタイム).

This video is jam-packed with the best bits from "Izu Kogen Granillumi -7th Season-" (伊豆高原グランイルミ~7thシーズン~) which was held between November 13th 2021 and August 31st 2022. Taking "love" as its theme, the 7th season saw the venue transformed into an ethereal space, with colorful lanterns providing a romantic vibe. Also debuting was "Walk on the Illumi," an attraction that allowed visitors to experience the illuminations from above. We hope you'll enjoy this video of the vibrant Izu Kogen Granillumi -7th Season-!
[Video] 2:32 - Strolling Over the Illuminations With "Walk on the Illumi"

Izu Granpal Park, Home of Izu Granillumi

Image of Izu Granpal Park
Photo:Izu Granpal Park

The home of Izu Granillumi (Grand Illumination), Izu Granpal Park (伊豆グランパル公園, izu granpal-koen) is a theme park located in Ito, Shizuoka. The park is swathed with greenery, and inside you'll find enough attractions and amusements to keep you occupied all day long.

Visitors can stimulate their senses on "KAiZOKU," a gigantic wooden 3D maze shaped like a ship, and feel the exhilaration on "Air Balloon" (エアバルーン, ea barun) and "Family Swing" (ファミリースウィング, famiri suwingu). Ride along "Kaze," (風~KAZE~), a 400 meter long zip-line high above the ground for a thrilling experience! There are plenty of attractions and amusements that are safe for the little ones to play on too.

There are even facilities available for your beloved pooch. Not only is there a park where dogs can play off their leash, and attractions that you and your canine comrade can enjoy together, there's also a restaurant that humans and dogs can use together (outdoor seating).

Izu Granpal Park has different schedules during daytime and nighttime, so be aware that you'll need to pay separately for the daytime and Izu Kogen Granillumi. There are discounted advance tickets available online, and prepaid cards that can be used on the attractions are also useful, so be sure to take full advantage of them.

Izu Kogen Granillumi -9th Season- – Event Dates and Illumination Hours

Image of Izu Kogen Granillumi at Izu Granpal Park, Ito, Shizuoka
Photo:Izu Kogen Granillumi at Izu Granpal Park, Ito, Shizuoka

The following is a guide to the duration and lighting hours of the "Izu Kogen Grand Illumi - 9th Season" to be held in a special area at "Izu Guranparu Park".

·Period: From Saturday, November 11, 2023 to the end of August 2024
·Lighting time: 12/1~1/3 16:30~21:30
      1/4~2/28 17:00~21:30
      3/1~3/31 18:00~21:30
Opening hours change depending on the time of year, so we recommend double checking before heading out.

Highlights of Izu Kogen Granillumi -9th Season- [2023 – 2024]

Image of Izu Kogen Granillumi at Izu Granpal Park, Ito, Shizuoka
Photo:Izu Kogen Granillumi at Izu Granpal Park, Ito, Shizuoka

From November 11th, 2023, "Izu Highland Grand Illumi~9th Season~" started with a lot of things to see.

Izu Highland Grand Illumi is not only a place to see beautiful illuminations, but also an experience.

In addition to Walk on the Illumi that started in the 7th season and Treasure Island area that appeared in the 8th season, new areas such as Orchestra of Light, Lagoon Area, and Forest Walkway have also been created.

"Merry-go-round" featuring retro spinning wooden horses, "Zipline ~ Meteor RYUSE~" that can glide over the illumination, and "Dino Age Kart" that runs in a go-cart between dinosaur areas are also popular attractions.

You can also eat while looking at the illumination at the "Pirate Restaurant GRANTEI" in the park.The experience of being a pirate is highly praised by my family.

The terrace seat can be accompanied by a pet, so people with their dog would be happy.

Village Izu Kogen – Enjoy a Relaxing Time at This Recommended Accommodation

If you're going to be out late enjoying Izu Kogen Granillumi at Izu Granpal Park, why not stay the night in Ito, Shizuoka?

Village Izu Kogen is just a 5-minute drive from Izu Granpal Park, and offers views of the ocean from every one of its suites. Cuisine made with ingredients sourced from Ito, an onsen with a great view, and a warm-water pool all add to the holiday resort vibe.

The condominium-type hotel has a full set of facilities, including rooms in which your dog can spend the night with you. Enjoy a relaxing time with a special someone (or dog) you care about.

Summary of Izu Kogen Granillumi

Image of Izu Kogen Granillumi at Izu Granpal Park, Ito, Shizuoka
Photo:Izu Kogen Granillumi at Izu Granpal Park, Ito, Shizuoka

The illuminations at Izu Kogen Granillumi are held over a long period of more than nine months between fall and summer. Children and adults alike can enjoy these dream-like hands-on illuminations. This is one tourist attraction to throw on your list if you're visiting the popular resort, Izu Kogen. So, head on over with your loved ones and pet pooch and have a great time!

◆Izu Granpal Park◆
【Address】1090 Futo, Ito, Shizuoka
【Telephone】0557-51-1122 (main)
【Access】※Check the official website for details.
Take the Ito Line (伊東線, ito-sen) to Ito Station (伊東駅, ito-eki) from Atami Station (熱海駅, atami-eki), then the Ito Express Line (伊東急行線, ito kyuko-sen) from Ito Station to Ito Kogen Station (伊東高原駅, ito kogen-eki).
The park is approximately 20 minutes by bus from Ito Kogen Station.
It takes approximately 10 minutes to get to the park from Ito Kogen Station via taxi.

【Official Website】Izo Granpal Park | Izu Shaboten Zoo Group

【TripAdvisor】Izu Granpal Park

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