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Lake Sagami Illumillion!

This time, we'll introduce the video "Lake Sagami Illumillion 2019-2020 Digest" (さがみ湖イルミリオン2019-2020ダイジェスト), publicized by "Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest."

Lake Sagami Illumillion is an illumination event held at Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, in Japan's Kanto Region.
The video contains highlights of Lake Sagami Illumillion's 2019-2020 season.

What Kind of Illumination Events Are There at Lake Sagami Illumillion?

There are many events at Lake Sagami Illumillion, including Rainbow Lift, shown at 0:04 in the video, the Hot Air Balloon of Light, which can be seen at 0:18 in the video, and more!

From 0:34 in the video, you can see the City of Light and Music, the main attraction of Lake Sagami Illumillion 2019, in detail.
Spots such as the Zoo of Light, the Flower Garden of Light and the Aquarium of Light are also shown in the video, so please take your time and enjoy it.

Lake Sagami Illumillion

Image of Sagamihara Illumination
Photo:Sagamihara Illumination

Lake Sagami Illumillion is a popular event chosen as one of the 3 great illuminations of the Kanto Region.
An astonishing 6 million lights are used for the event.

In addition to the spots introduced in the video, there are many other mysterious areas such as the Sea of Light, Tulip Lane, Fantasy Walk: The Seven Colored Galaxy, Illumillion Tree, full of Christmas spirit, The Fortress of Trickery/The Maze of Light, and more!
We recommend enjoying the nighttime attractions, such as the Ferris Wheel of Life, Pilot Paradise, or seeing a show.

About Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest

Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest is a leisure destination located in Wakayanagi (若柳,Wakayanagi), Midori Ward (緑区, Midoriku), Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
The amusement park area is popular for its outdoor sports facilities, such as the attractions of Paddington Town, the thrill ride "Ozoratengoku," and the "Muscle Monster" athletic facility.

There is also a barbecue area, a souvenir shop, and a spot where you can enjoy spending time with your pets.

Summary of Lake Sagami Illumillion

At Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest's popular "Lake Sagami Illumillion" event, you too can enjoy the stunning illumination featured in the video.

Event times and lighting schedules change every year, so be sure to check the website before heading out.
Please note that it is very crowded on weekends.
We recommend taking a bus tour to visit.

◆Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest Facility Information◆
【Address】〒252-0175 1634 Wakayanagi, Midori Ward, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
【Access】An 8-minute bus ride from JR Sagamihara Station
【Admission Fee】Adults:1800 yen Children:1100 yen
【Hours】Weekdays 10:00〜16:00, Weekends 9:00〜17:00

【Official Website】Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest

【Tripadvisor】Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest

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