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Flower Garden of Light, a Mother Farm Illumination: Video Introduction

Image of an illumination at Mother Farm
Photo:An illumination at Mother Farm

This video, titled "Mother Farm Illuminations 2019-2020 — Flower Garden of Light" (マザー牧場 イルミネーション 2019-2020 光の花園), was uploaded by "Mother Farm" (マザー僕所). In this video, you can watch the 2019-2020 Flower Garden of Light event, a light show which took place at Mother Farm.

Mother Farm is located on the slopes of Mt. Kano (鹿野山, kano-zan), from which breathtaking views of the Boso Peninsula, Tokyo Bay, Mt. Fuji, and Japan's beautiful mountain ranges can be seen. Occupying a vast swathe of land in Futtsu, Chiba, in Japan's Kanto region, Mother Farm was established in February 1962 by Hisakichi Maeda, the same man who established the Sankei Shimbun (a daily newspaper in Japan) and Tokyo Tower.

One of Mother Farm's biggest draws is the fact that visitors can interact with a large variety of animals through events and feeding experiences. With great food and events, there's enough excitement for both kids and adults to spend a full day thoroughly enjoying themselves here. This hugely popular leisure spot in Japan's Kanto region is one of the first things that comes to mind when people think of Chiba prefecture.

Of all of Mother Farm's seasonal events, the one that has people buzzing in anticipation about the most each year is the winter illumination show. With the theme "Flower Garden of Light," the show's colorful lights — which resemble the seasonal flowers of Japan — will bring the farm to life at night once again this year.

Check out the video and be captivated by the farm's beautiful illuminations.

[Video] 0:13 - One Million Lights
[Video] 0:19 - Flower Field of Light
[Video] 0:25 - Night-Time Bungie Jumping Amongst the Lights

Highlights of Flower Garden of Light, a Mother Farm's Illumination Event

Image of Mother Farm, an amusement park in Chiba Prefecture
Photo:Mother Farm, an amusement park in Chiba Prefecture

Next, we'll walk you through some of the highlights of Flower Garden of Light, the illumination event at Mother Farm.

● Flower Field of Light
Our top recommendation is the Flower Field of Light; the highest altitude illumination in Chiba Prefecture. In the Flower Field of Light area, visitors can see such delights as Mt. Fuji silhouetted against the dusk sky and Tokyo Bay's night views, all while enjoying the illuminations. The combination of the wintry flower meadow's twinkling lights and the surrounding scenery as the sunlight begins to fade, slowly giving way to night makes this a must-see attraction.

●Photo spot fairy area
The newly introduced fairy area in 2023 will feature a landscape of melancholy light such as flower fields and windmills.
Let's take a cute picture in "Fairy Country".

● Night-Time Amusement Park
The sparkling Night-Time Amusement Park is home to Chiba's tallest (at its tallest point) Ferris wheel, merry go rounds, and, located 321 meters above sea level, the Night-Time Bungie Jump. Both children and adults are sure to lose track of time as they enjoy playing to their hearts' content.

Food and Accommodations at Mother Farm

It would be a crime to miss the warming farm cuisine available at Mother Farm. Available only during the illumination season, the "All-You-Can-Eat Big Double Winter Warmer" (あったか2大食べ放題) offers Meisui Bamboo Steamed Mochi Pork (high quality pork steamed using water from a renowned water source), which can only be eaten at this time of year, and jingisukan (a Japanese mutton dish named after Ghengis Khan) on a 90-minute all you can eat menu. The warm, tasty food is sure to revitalize after enduring the cold temperatures outside.

Add in a fully-stocked side menu and collection of limited sale sweets, and even the biggest of appetites will be satiated without a doubt. Mother Farm also offers value set tickets, advance tickets, and group plans, so make sure you check these out as well.
[Video] 0:34 - All-You-Can-Eat Big Double Winter Warmer

For those wishing to stay overnight, Mother Farm's partner hotel, Okura Akademia Park Hotel will get you in that holiday resort state of mind, and can be reached in 25 minutes by car from Mother Farm. It is also conveniently located approximately 60 minutes from central Tokyo via the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line.

Okura Akademia stands on the Kazusa Hill Range, surrounded by the sea and an abundance of greenery. An elegant and refined space with a balcony in each guest room, and seasonal ingredients from the Boso Peninsula in the restaurant, it's a great place to rest your weary body after a fun-filled day.

Animal Events at Mother Farm

Image of a sheep at Mother Farm, Chiba Prefecture
Photo:A sheep at Mother Farm, Chiba Prefecture

One of the biggest reasons for Mother Farm's popularity is that visitors can actually interact with the animals. This remains true even throughout the illumination season at Mother Farm.

Relax with rabbits and guinea pigs at Bunny-Guinea Touch (うさモルタッチ, usa moru tacchi), or interact with fluffy sheep with a sheep feeding experience. It's a soothing experience for kids and adults alike. We hope you'll have a wonderful time with the adorable animals at these events!

Mother Farm Illumination: Roundup

Be it the night views, the cuisine, or the events, there's so much to do at the Mother Farm illumination! The fact that the venue is easily accessible by car or train from Japan's Kanto region makes it an even more attractive destination. Why not head over to the Flower Garden of Light illumination at Mother Farm with your family, friends, or that special someone this winter?

◆Mother Ranch Illumination 2022-2023 "Hikari no Hanazono"◆
[Period] Saturday, Sunday and Holiday from November 3, 2023 to February 25, 2024
* Open daily from December 28, 2022 to January 4, 2023
[Business Hours] 16:00~19:30
[Admission fee (after 16:00)] 800 yen for adults and children a dog accompanied by 400 yen Free of charge
[Parking] Yes (free after 16:00) Parking fee from daytime is 1,000 yen
[Transportation access] Direct bus service from JR Kimitsu Station.Please check the official website for details.

【Official Website】Mother Farm|An Entertainment Farm With Flowers and Animals

【TripAdvisor】Mother Farm

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