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Festa Luce 2022 – The Lighting Ceremony at Wakayama Marina City: Video Introduction

This video, titled "Festa Luce in Wakayama Marina City 2022 Lighting Ceremony DIGEST" (フェスタ・ルーチェin和歌山マリーナシティ2022点灯式DIGEST), was uploaded by "festa luce."
The video introduces the lighting ceremony and event venue for the illumination event "Festa Luce" held on November 3, 2022 at Wakayama Marina City.
The venue is not only beautiful, but is host to a variety of illuminations, and there are plenty of attractions that families and couples can enjoy.
Be sure to check out the video to see the venue and see the moment the lights at the illumination are turned on!
[Video] 0:51 - Lights Being Turned On for the Illumination

Wakayama Marina City – Information About the Venue Where the Illumination Is Held

Image of Wakayama Marina City
Photo:Wakayama Marina City

Wakayama Marina City is an artificial island and city resort, that is located in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, in Japan's Kansai region. It is conveniently located near an airport as well. It's a popular place for a night out in Japan's Kansai region, especially for those in Osaka.
The area is home to Porto Europe, a European townscape, Kuroshio Market, a market popular among tourists, Kishu Kuroshio Onsen, a hot spring and spa, Wakayama Marina City Sea Fishing Park, as well as hotels and other attractions.

Highlights of Festa Luce 2022 at Wakayama Marina City

Festa Luce, a festival of lights in Wakayama Marina City, was held for the first time in 2017 and is a popular event with a 500,000 visitors coming to the event in the past five years. The light festival "LUMAGICA" will be held by an international production company in 2022.

During the event period, Wakayama Marina City will be gorgeously lit up with projection mapping and other illuminations. There are many attractions to enjoy, such as a magical show of soap bubbles and lights, tap dances on color-changing disks, and fantastic pillars of light.
There are also hands-on attractions, so visitors can enjoy more than just watching the illuminations. Parents and children, friends, and even couples can have a blast at this exciting event.
[Video] 1:01 - A Photogenic Scene at the Illumination Event

The illumination starts at 5:00 p.m. If you're sightseeing in the area, consider stopping by and enjoying the magical illuminations!

Christmas Market and Sky Lantern, 2 Popular Attractions at Festa Luce

A Christmas Market is also held on weekends in November and December. Visitors can enjoy all sorts of delicious food and shopping while watching the illuminations. Don't forget to grab yourself a warm drink while perusing Christmas goods!

Events, such as music concerts and street performances, are also held on weekends and liven up the Christmas season. The Sky Lantern Festival is an event where 800 lanterns can be seen floating in the sky and will be held on November 19th, November 26th, and December 3rd. The lanterns floating in the winter night sky at the European-style venue create a world of pure fantasy. Only 800 lanterns will be available for each date, so be sure to get your hands on one asap! The lanterns soar through the night sky lit up by the illuminations. Be sure to bring a camera, as this is an experience you won't want to forget!

Summary of Festa Luce, an Illumination at Wakayama Marina City

Image of Festa Luce at Wakayama Marina City
Photo:Festa Luce at Wakayama Marina City

This video was an introduction to the highlights of the illumination lighting ceremony. Please check the following and the official website for information on admission fees, advance tickets, etc.

If you have the chance, be sure to visit Wakayama Marina City this winter, where you can experience a magical Christmas event!

◆Festa Luce in Wakayama Marina City 2022◆

【Event period】11/3, 2022 - 2/12, 2023
Daily: 11/3 (Thurs., a holiday) - 12/31 (Sat.)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only: 1/2 (Mon.) - 2/12 (Sun.)
※Held on 1/2 (Mon.) and 1/3 (Tues.), Closed on 1/1 (Sun.)
【Hours】5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. (Last entry 8:30 p.m.)
※5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday from 12/1 - 12/24 and 12/25 (Sun.)
(Last entry 9:30 p.m.)
【Admission fee】
Adults: ¥1,500 (Advance Tickets: ¥1,300) Children: ¥800 (Advance Tickets: ¥700)
【Attraction Night Pass】
Adults and children (Ages 3+): ¥1600 (Advance Tickets ¥1,400)
【Access】Posted on the Wakayama Marina City official website

【TripAdvisor】Wakayama Marina City

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A Christmas Event in Wakayama Marina City – Beautiful Illuminations and a Fantastic Atmosphere!
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