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This video, titled "A VR Experience Too! TREE by NAKED, the Flagship Restaurant With a New Food and Art Experience" (VR体験も!食×アートの新感覚レストラン「TREE by NAKED」旗艦店), was released by "oshietegoo1015."
TREE by NAKED yoyogi park is an experience-based restaurant that fuses food and art.
It opened in 2017 near Tokyo's Yoyogi Park.

The restaurant was opened by NAKED, a creative collective led by artist Ryotaro Muramatsu.
The restaurant features a futuristic production with VR and projection mapping.
Of course, there's plenty of attention to lighting and music as well.
If you're looking for a new experience that mixes food and art, you should definitely visit this restaurant!

An Experience-Based Restaurant in the Yoyogi Park Area That Fuses Food and Art... Get a Closer Look at the Wonderful Restaurant Brought to Life by a Popular Artist!
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