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Japanese Wagyu Beef

This video, titled "Wagyu Beef Sales in Australia!," Was created by JETRO.

In recent years, the ban on the importation of Japanese Wagyu beef into European and Asian countries has been lifted, and since 2018 the exportation of Wagyu beef from Japan to Australia has become possible.
That being said, is there really a demand for Japanese Wagyu beef in Australia, the number one producer and exporter of "Aussie Beef"?

What Breeds of Cattle Are Being Raised in Australia and Japan?

When you think of Wagyu beef, the native Japanese species Hidagyu (飛騨牛), Kagoshima Wagyu (鹿児島和牛), and Omigyu (近江牛) probably come to mind (or not).
There are four types of cattle in Japan raised for Wagyu beef production: Japanese Black (黒毛和種, kurogewashu), Japanese Brown (褐毛和種, akagewashu), Japanese Shorthorn (日本短角種, nihontankakushu), and Japanese Polled (無角和種, mukakuwashu).
Independent rules in Australia state that only beef from cattle with a 50% or higher Wagyu lineage may be classified as Wagyu beef.

From 9:20 in the video, Australia's Wagyu farming representative, David Blackmore, explains that Japanese and Australian cattle are being cross-bred to produce Australian Wagyu beef.

More About Japanese Cuisine, Food Products, and Business Dealings in Australia

Since the ban on the importation of Japanese Wagyu beef was lifted, Japanese agriculture, business negotiations regarding marine and food products have been held in Sydney.
Various companies, organisations, distributors and buyers such as Osawa Enterprises (大沢エンタープライズ, oosawa enta-puraizu) and Kirishima Ranch (霧島ランチ) have taken part in the business meetings.

Japanese restaurants in Australia are using imported Japanese Wagyu beef to attract customers to their restaurants.
From 2:08 in the video, you can see Japanese Wagyu beef being sold at 3-5 times the price of Australian beef at the store Tokyo Mart (東京マート, toukyouma-to). Even at such a high price, Japanese Wagyu beef continues to sell well.

The Key to Increasing Exportation of Japanese Wagyu Beef?

Image of sukiyaki

Japanese cuisine holds the key to increasing the exportation of Japanese Wagyu beef in Australia.
From 1:29 in the video, we're introduced to the Japanese restaurant Masuya (鱒屋).

High quality Japanese Wagyu beef can be best enjoyed not only as steak, but also in traditional Japanese dishes such as Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu.
The high quality products, manufacturing techniques, and food culture of Japan is gaining popularity worldwide.

Summary of the Exportation of Japanese Wagyu Beef

As you can see from the video, Australia is currently one of the top exporters of beef in the world.
However, recently there is growing demand for tender and delicious Japanese beef such as Wagyu or Kuroge.

Since the ban was lifted on the importation of Japanese Wagyu beef, distribution has spread worldwide and the superb taste of Wagyu beef is attracting attention from foodies overseas.
It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Wagyu beef!

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Japan's Delicious Wagyu Beef Is Extremely Popular Overseas! Even in Australia, Another Country Famous for Its Beef, Japanese Wagyu Beef Sales Are on the Rise!
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