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Sukiyaki - A Dish Highly Recommended by Food Connoisseurs Around the World! Ningyocho Imahan, a Popular Restaurant in Chuo City, Tokyo With 120 Years of History, Teaches You the Best Way to Enjoy It!
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Enjoy Luxurious Sukiyaki at the Popular Restaurant
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Tonkatsu - A Popular Japanese Dish That Rakes in Customers! A Look at the Crispy, Juicy Dishes of Fujiki Ningyocho in Chuo, Tokyo!
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This video, titled "【#すき焼き】「人形町 今半 本店」の個室で、絶品一人すき焼き? WAGYU SUKIYAKI at Ningyocho IMAHAN Honten," was released by "ごはん日記 - where and what locals eat in TOKYO."
This is a video showing how sukiyaki, a Japanese cuisine, is served at the long-established restaurant "Imahan" in Ningyocho.

Ningyocho Imahan in Tokyo's Chuo Ward is a long-established sukiyaki and shabu-shabu restaurant.
The restaurant is particular about identifying the beef and serving only the finest cuts.
In this video, they enjoy sukiyaki in a private room on the second floor with an upscale atmosphere.
From appetizers to sukiyaki, rice with egg, and dessert, check out the vast menu they have to offer!

Ningyocho Imahan, a Japanese Restaurant Specializing in Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu! Enjoy the Finest Beef Selected by Connoisseurs in a Private Room! Everything From Appetizers to Desserts!
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