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Better Than Kobe Beef or Matsuzaka Beef?! A Look at Sukiyaki Kanaya!

This video shows the delicious sukiyaki of Sukiyaki Kanaya.

When you think of Iga City, for many people, ninjas come to mind, but in fact, the city is also famous for its specialty Iga Beef.
It has a longer history than Matsuzaka beef, and some people say it's better than Kobe or Matsuzaka beef.
It's also called the "phantom beef" because of its low distribution.

One of the places where you can eat this "phantom beef" is Sukiyaki Kanaya in Iga City.
At Sukiyaki Kanaya, there are a variety of dishes using Iga beef, including sukiyaki, Kanaya's famous buttered dishes, shabushabu, and steak.

As you can see in the video, there are hot pots at each table, and the hostesses cook it right in front of you so you can eat them as soon as their ready.
If you get the chance to try this phantom Iga beef, don't pass it up!

◆Sukiyaki Kanaya Store Information◆
【Address】434 Uenononinmachi, Iga, Mie 518-0831
【Access】95 meters from Hirokoji Station
【Avg. Cost】¥8000+
【Hours】11:00-20:30 (L.O. 19:00)
【Closures】Mondays (On the case that Monday is a public holiday, the following Tuesday will be closed

【Tripadvisor】Kanaya (金谷)

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