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About the Enticing Promotional Video of Nishiki

There's probably a lot of people who want to enjoy an amazing experience Japan, yet don’t know where to go...

For a fulfilling trip to Japan, you're gonna want to do at least a little bit of research about the country.
This can be done through a variety of methods such as books, review sites, and videos that introduce aspects of Japanese culture.

In this article, we'll introduce the video “Nishiki, Kumamoto Japan 錦町プロモーション”, created by “NISHIKI KUMAMOTO JAPAN.” This video contains information about Kumamoto Prefecture, specifically Nishiki Town, in the Japan's Kyushu region.
Whether you’re specifically interested in Nishiki, or if you’re interested in touring Japan as a whole, definitely check out this video.

Highlights of the Video

“Nishiki, Kumamoto Japan 錦町プロモーション” is a 2-minute 50-second video about Nishiki
As it introduces all the unique features of Nishiki, do take the time to view this video before visiting Japan.

There are a multitude of Insta-worthy, scenic areas of abundant nature. As for crafts, from 0:35 in the video, the process of a potter creating one of his works is shown, and from 0:46 in the video, a craftsman creating a knife in a foundry can be seen.
From 1:23, a swordsman appears, carrying a powerful sword.

What is Nishiki?

Nishiki can be found in the southern area of Kumamoto Prefecture. To the south is a mountainous area reaching an elevation of 1,000m, and to the north is the Hitoyoshi Basin that the Kuma River runs through. This is a sightseeing area famous for its swordsmen and fruit villages.
Fruit-picking is available in certain seasons, so for those interested, definitely check this place out.

Nishiki’s Ohira Valley is a famous spot where you can enjoy camping.
Savor the magnificent scenery of Nishiki to your heart’s content!
The fireflies in summer, the red-and-gold leaves of the Shingu-ji Temple, and the gingko trees in autumn are all beautiful sights shown from 1:13. For those who want to experience the mysteries of nature, we recommend the Nishiki Himitsukichi Museum shown at 0:31 in the video.
As seen from 0:54, you might even get the chance to see bats.

For those who want to learn more about Japan’s history, definitely check out the Kuwahara Family Residence .
The residence is built in the architectural style of the later years of the Edo period (around 1750 to 1850), and has been designated as one of Japan’s Important Cultural Properties.
At the Hitoyoshi Naval Air Station Secret Base Museum , visitors can find out more about Japan in the final stages of World War 2.
The Tsuchiya Kannon-do , with more than 550 years of history, is another spot we recommend.

There's some delicious food waiting for you when you get to Nishiki as well.
Be sure to check out Nishiki Horumon Street, where there are many restaurants serving horumon (beef or pork offal) dishes.

Things to Note When Visiting Nishiki

Here are some things to note before going sightseeing in Nishiki.
Before setting off, besides the video introduced here, there are other sources to check for information.
Nishiki’s homepage contains information about various sightseeing areas.
When planning your sightseeing schedule, be sure to pay attention to each area's opening hours as well as regular holidays.

The next point of note is what to do in Nishiki.
For those who enjoy physical activity, there are places such as the Rafting HEART sports complex, as well as Nishiki Kurando Park.

For those who want to check out Nishiki’s specialty products, make sure your stop by the Roadside Station Nishiki Farmer’s Market.
Located right beside Roadside Station Nishiki, various specialty goods can be purchased at the market.
This area is also known for its abundant wild roses, the sight of which can be enjoyed from late May to early June.
Also, do make sure to plan the right time for your trip if you hope to view autumn scenery, summer fireflies, or take part in events such as the Nishiki Festival.

Furthermore, traditional crafts such as akazu yaki, as seen from 0:35 in the video, are also famous. At the Toshogama Factory, you can even try your hand at pottery.

Summary of the Introduction to Nishiki

In Nishiki, there are many charming sightseeing spots, so do include this town on your list of places to visit in Japan.

There are so many interesting areas that it’s impossible to visit them all in one day.
Around Nishiki there are many hotels and ryokans available, so we recommend planning an overnight stay.
Furthermore, the Hometown Tax is applicable to souvenirs, the local cuisine, as well as fruits such as peaches, pears and chestnuts.
Definitely check those out as well!

The video introduced in this article neatly captures the charm of Nishiki, so for those interested in Japanese culture and/or wilderness, do take a look.
You're sure to feel the urge to make a trip to Nishiki.

【Official Website】 Kumamoto Prefecture Kuma Village Office

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Last Updated : Dec. 17, 2021
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In the Town of Nishiki, Kyushu, There Are Many Charming Sightseeing Spots. Nature, Crafts, Historical Structures, You Name It! An Introduction to All the Places to Check off Your List in Nishiki!
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