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This video, titled "River construction by Komatsu Heavy Industries, CD110R" (コマツ重機による河川工事  駆け巡るCD110R), was released by "OKはん."

It shows the Uji River construction in December 2017.
There are several heavy machines being used, but what is particularly eye-catching is the crawler dump truck running around in all directions without worry about the poor traction.

Crawler dumpers can turn 360 degrees without having to change direction, so their movement is very smooth.
The crawler dumper improves the efficiency of transporting on uneven or soft ground.

This video shows how a crawler dump truck carries sand and soil scooped by an excavator out of a muddy area and onto land.

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Komatsu's Crawler Dumpster CD110R Near the Uji River
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