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This video, titled "Domestic Cargo Vessel, Matsuura New Type "Shimakaze"|Scaffolding Dismantling and Painting of the Hull|(First and Second Coat of the Outer Panel to the First and Second Layer Below the Waterline)" (内航貨物船・松浦新船型 「しまかぜ」 足場解体~船体塗装作業⑤(外板一・二層目仕上げ塗装~水線下一・二層目塗装)(80)), was released by "matsuzo001."

The video shows the process of dismantling scaffolding and painting the hull of the domestic freighter, "Shimakaze."
Domestic freighters are only used for domestic cargo transport in Japan, and are not used for import and export from other countries.
The use of white, blue, and red colors and the name "Shimakaze" make it easy to identify the ship as a Japanese ship, and you can feel the Japanese air that it gives off.

This video shows the dismantling of scaffolding and the painting of the second layer of the Shimakaze, so if you're interested in ships, be sure to check it out!

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Work on the New Domestic Cargo Ship,
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