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This video, titled "Car Carrier and Passenger Ship (Ferry) Matsuura Shipyard's "No. 10 Kirikushi" at the front of the ship (vehicle deck)|Block Loading - Leveling, Welding, etc. (Part 1)" (両頭型旅客船兼自動車航送船(フェリー)松浦造船所「第十きりくし」船最前方(車輌甲板)ブロック搭載状況~レベル出し・溶接作業等(前編)(11)), was released by "matsuzo001."

This video shows how the blocks are loaded onto the new ship "No. 10 Kirikushi," the successor to No. 8 Kirikushi.
The No. 10 Kirikushi is the second new ship after the Eighth Kirikushi, which was built in 2003, and has a history of being built in a headwind environment.
Although it is the same type of ferry built at the same shipyard as Kirikushi No. 8, it was carefully built with the expectation that it would run for 30 years while reducing costs and delivery time.

This video shows the leveling and welding process of No. 10 Kirikushi, so be sure to check it out.

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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The Power of the No. 10 Kirikushi at the Matsuura Shipyard! The Way the Deck Is Assembled Makes You Want to Start Building Your Own Ship!
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