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This video, titled "#29_Hiroyuki Kanda" (#29_神田裕行(かんだ)), was released by "Palais De Z - The Future of Deliciousness" (パレ・ド・Z〜おいしさの未来〜).
In this video, Chef Hiroyuki Kanda of the Japanese restaurant "Kanda" in Nishi-Azabu shares his passion for cooking.

Kanda trained in Paris when he was young, and after further honing his skills at Aoyagi in his hometown of Tokushima, Kanda went independent at the age of 40.
The food served at "Kanda" is a combination of visual beauty and inner depth.
The food prepared by the top chef is truly exquisite.
At 11:46 in the video, he personally travels to Minami Uonuma in Niigata Prefecture to harvest the finest varieties of rice.
This master Japanese chef has a strong dedication to creating the finest dishes.

Discover the Secrets of a Japanese Restaurant That Has Been Awarded Three Stars by the Michelin Guide for 13 Consecutive Years! A Look Inside the Mind of the Master Chef Leading the Japanese Culinary Industry!
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