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This video, titled "[Two Stars in the Michelin Guide Yokohama] Enjoy Kaiseki Cuisine in a 50-Year-Old Sukiya-Zukuri Building|The Essence of Japanese Cuisine ~ Masago Saryo" ([ミシュランガイド横浜二つ星]・築50年の数奇屋造りの一軒家で楽しむ懐石料理 和食の真髄を堪能~ 真砂茶寮 ~), was released by Restaurant ShortShort Films.

This video introduces "Masago Saryo," a 50-year-old restaurant in Yokohama that has been awarded two Michelin stars.
The restaurant has the appearance of a quiet hideaway, serving kaiseki cuisine that allows diners to relax and just enjoy the flavors.
It's not so much about the deliciousness of the food as it is about the quiet enjoyment of Japanese cuisine.
In this video, the owner of Masago Saryo talks about his passion for his restaurant and his cuisine.

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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The Two-Michelin-Starred Restaurant
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