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Breakfast at Kinmata, a Long-Establish Kaiseki Restaurant in Kyoto

This video, titled "Kyoto-Style Breakfast at a Long-Established Ryokan|Kaiseki Kinmata [Kyoto]" (老舗旅館で頂く京の朝食「懐石 近又」【京都】), was released by "" (e映像制作.com).
It introduces the gourmet food and recipes served at Kinmata, a long-established ryokan in Kyoto.

Kinmata is a well-established ryokan (Japanese inn) located just a five-minute walk from Kawaramachi Station in Kyoto.
Founded in 1801, Kinmata was originally known as "Omiya Matahachi" (近江屋 又八) until the Meiji Period.

Kinmata was built as a regular inn for medicine merchants in the Omi region, and today it is noted for its popularity, being limited to just three groups per day.
The building is a typical machiya-style house and is designated as a "Registered Tangible Cultural Property of Japan."
You can see its appearance from the beginning of the video at 0:01.

Enjoy a Meal at Kinmata

The video shows how they prepare "Kyo no Obanzai Choshoku" (京のおばんざい朝食), a Kyoto-style kaiseki (懐石) breakfast available at Kinmata.
In addition to the carefully prepared dashimaki tamago, which you can see being prepared at 0:18 in the video, the breakfast also includes boiled vegetables, dried fish, freshly cooked rice and miso soup, finished off with dessert.
In addition to accepting overnight stays, Kinmata also offers lunch courses in tatami rooms as well as counter seats, so be sure to choose what suits you when making a reservation.
The breakfast served at Kinmata can be seen from 1:57 in the video.
Be sure to check it out!

The Menu at Kinmata

If you're looking for delicious gourmet food in Kyoto, Nishiki Market, "the kitchen of Kyoto," is second to none.
Nishiki Market sells a wide variety of foodstuffs, including Kyoto vegetables, bentos, and a variety of delicious foods to enjoy.

Kinmata uses quality ingredients sold at Nishiki Market to create a number of exquisite dishes.
Dried Echizen stockfish, pickled vegetables, free range Kyo Aka Jidori chicken, densuke daikon, red kidney beans, chirimen sansho, dengaku with shogoin turnip, and sesame tofu all have a delicate and elegant taste.

Summary of Kinmata

In Kyoto, there are many long-established Japanese inns and restaurants.
Among these, the kaiseki restaurant Kinmata, shown in the video, is notable for its gentle flavor and use of fresh Kyoto vegetables.
If you're in Kyoto, a historical tourist destination, be sure to enjoy the unique local flavors of the ancient capital to make your trip even more memorable.
Don’t forget to make a reservation at Kinmata to taste the finest in Kyoto cuisine!

◆Kinmata|Restaurant Information◆
【Address】604-8044 Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, Dainichicho, 407
【Access】A 10-minute walk from Shijo Station off the Karasuma subway line from JR Kyoto Station
【Closures】Closed on Wednesdays

【Official Website】KYOTO KINMATA|京都 近又


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An Elegant Breakfast at Kinmata, a Long-Established Ryokan in Kyoto. An Introduction To the Beautiful Cuisine That Tastes as Good as It Looks!
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