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5,000 Fireflies in Matsuo Gorge, Nagano Prefecture

This is a 4K sightseeing video of fireflies frolicking in nature in the Matsuo Gorge in Tatsuno, Nagano, in Japan's Koshinetsu Region.

With the gradual loss of nature in recent years, the number of places where you can see natural fireflies has been decreasing.
In this video, you can watch a swarm of fireflies lighting up the Matsuo Gorge, located in a town in the mountains.
Enjoy the light of the fireflies as they light up your screen in 4K quality.

Tatsuno, a Firefly Haven Surrounded by Nature

Tatsuno, located in the Kamiina District of Nagano Prefecture, is a mountain town that retains the atmosphere of good old Japan.
Tatsuno is known as the "firefly town," and in the early summer, you can observe a group of natural fireflies around Matsuo Gorge.
Tatsuno Hotarudoyo Park, adjacent to Matsuo Gorge, is also home to many fireflies, creating beautiful natural scenery.

When can fireflies be seen at Matsuo Gorge?

Fireflies in Matsuo Gorge can usually be seen from the end of May to early June. The number of fireflies then gradually increases, reaching its peak in mid-June. A popular event called the "Shinshu Tatsuno Firefly Festival" is held during the peak viewing period.
In the evening hours, food stalls are lined up in front of the station, and events are also held. It’s considered proper etiquette for onlookers to be quiet when watching the fireflies.
Enjoy a wonderful sightseeing trip to see the fantastic fireflies!

If you go to Matsuo Gorge for sightseeing by car, you can use the parking lot at the Tatsuno Hotarudoyo Park.
You can also park your car in front of Tatsuno Station and use the "park and ride."
Be sure to check out the event schedule and parking information before going sightseeing.

Matsuo Gorge Is Overflowing With Nature

Tatsuno Hotarudoyo Park
Photo:Tatsuno Hotarudoyo Park

Matsuo Gorge was designated a prefectural natural monument in the Taisho Period (1912-1926 AD).
The fireflies of Matsuo Gorge are nurtured by the clear waters of the Tenryu River that flows from Lake Suwa.

The number of fireflies in Matsuo Gorge can reach 10,000 or more on a good year.
We recommend watching the fireflies dance across the riverside from the Matsuo Gorge observation deck.
Firefly Village Tatsuno has been selected as one of Japan's "Top 100 Villages of Natural life" (ふるさといきものの里100選, Furusato Ikimono-no-Sato)

Summary of Fireflies at Matsuo Gorge, Nagano

The Matsuo Gorge is one of the best places in Japan to see fireflies in the Shinshu area.
No matter who you are, the amazing scene created by these beautiful creatures is something that everyone should see at least once in their life.
Check out Matsuo Gorge, a little-known tourist spot where the original scenery of Japan still remains.

When is Matsuo Gorge "Shinshu Tatsuno Firefly Festival" 2024? What time is recommended?

The 76th Shinshu Tatsuno Firefly Festival will be held for nine days from June 8 to 16, 2024. Fireflies usually stop flying around 9 p.m., so the best time to view them is between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. on a hot and humid day. In addition, a day with no wind and no moonlight is especially good.

◆ Matsuo Gorge (Tatsuno Hotarudoyo Park) Introduction of Overview Information ◆
【Address】〒399-0400 1006-1 Kamihiraide, Tatsuno machi, Kamiina-gun, Nagano Prefecture
【Access】A 15-minute walk from Tatsuno Station on the JR Chuo Main Line
【Admission fee】500 yen as a contribution for firefly conservation and education.
【Hours】24 hour
【Parking】Available. Approx. 700 cars ¥300 - ¥1000 (regular car)
【Phone number】 0266-41-025

【Official website】Sightseeing Tatsuno

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The Tatsuno Firefly Festival - 5,000 Fireflies in Nagano, Japan! This Amazing Illumination in Matsuo Gorge Will Leave You Speechless
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