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Introducing Higashi Village, Okinawa; The Westernmost Spot in Japan.

The video “HIGASHI SON” created by "東村 higashi vill," is a video introducing the appeal of Higashi village; The westernmost island in Japan.

Higashi is a beautiful village with a stunning view located in Kunigami county of northern Okinawa.

It is a small village with a population under 2,000 people including 100 immigrants from different prefectures.
It is about 100 km from Naha Airport via the Kyoda Interchange, making it easily accessible, and there are hotels, inns, and guest houses in the area, so it's very convenient for travelers.

Features and Local Specialties of Higashi Village, Okinawa

Due to its tropical weather, Higashi Village is the No. 1 producer of pineapples in Japan, and has produced 15,000 tons of pineapples in the past 10 years alone.
They even have an official character named “Pine-man 1.”
The Mineral water in Higashi Village is another local specialty that we recommend trying. It's incredibly refreshing.

The Fukuji Dam in Higashi Village, a popular spot for kayaking and canoeing, has a total water storage capacity of 55,000,000m³, so you have plenty of space to enjoy experiencing nature.
There is even a nature observation boat for taking in all of the beautiful scenery.
Besides the dam, there are other activities you can try while visiting Higashi Village, such as hiking, marine activities, and scenic observation spots.

The Natural Landscape of Higashi Village, Okinawa

Image of a looking-glass mangrove
Photo:A looking-glass mangrove

At 1:16, the video introduces viewers to the natural scenic landscape of Higashi Village, such as the mangrove forest.
In Higashi Village, there are exotic birds such as the Okinawa woodpecker, the Eurasian Whimbrel, the Bustastur Indicus and more.
There are also creatures native to Okinawa, like the Okinawan tree lizard, the Ryukyu black-breasted leaf turtle, and the Okinawan tree frog.

The exotic trees you see in the video at 1:34 are called "looking-glass mangroves." They are considered natural treasures of Higashi Village.
The Higashi Village Mountain and Water Life Museum gives visitors a chance to learn about the nature of Yanbaru and the history of Higashi Village.

Enjoy a Tour of Higashi Village, Okinawa!

There are many attractive spots, such as the Okinawa Yanbaru Seawater Pumped Storage Power Station.

Sunrise Higashi is a local store where you can buy local specialties and try some local Okinawan cuisine.
You can also try the secret tour of Yanbaru forest, a site proposed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

At 2:04 in the video we see Tsutsuji Eco Park, a nature park with facilities such as the Azalea field, a lodge, campgrounds, and mini golf.
There are more events in Higashi Village, Okinawa as well! Every March they hold an Azalea festival (2:08 in the video), and in August you can participate in the “Higashi Village Festival” where you can see over 1,500 fireworks.

Summary of Higashi Village, Okinawa

Image of kayaking through mangroves
Photo:Kayaking through mangroves

Higashimura in Okinawa Prefecture has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty and local attractions.
Enjoy your trip to Okinawa with a variety of events and tours, as well as trekking, marine sports, and spectacular views. Don't forget to take some pics for your Instagram!


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Higashi: A Popular Tourist Destination Where You Can Enjoy the Atmosphere of Okinawa, the Largest Producer of Pineapples in Japan! Check Out the Rare Creatures and Spectacular Views That Can Only Be Found in Higashi Village on This Popular Expedition!
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