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Nanjo, Okinawa, a Popular Tourist Destination in Japan

This is a promotional video titled "Okinawa Tourist Attractions- Nanjo City PR Video. If You're Traveling to Okinawa.." (沖縄観光地 南城市PR動画 おきなわ旅行いくなら), for Nanjo, located in Southeastern Okinawa, Japan. The beautiful scenery shown in the video was filmed in Nanjo. The video was created by “SKYtomo.”

Nanjo, Okinawa is about 50 minutes by car from Naha airport. There are several tourist spots such as limestone caves and beautiful beaches, as well activities to enjoy and some sacred areas that appear in Ryukyu mythology.

This video contains two and a half minutes of attractive tourist destinations in Nanjo, Okinawa.
With the beautiful view and the relaxing music, it will make you feel like you are actually in Nanjo, Okinawa.

The World Cultural Heritage Site Sefa-Utaki in Nanjo, Okinawa!

Image of Sefa-Utaki

Sefa-Utaki is one of the most important tourist destinations in Japan, known as the most sacred site in the Ryukyu Islands. There are six sanctuaries (Ibi) within Sefa-Utaki. Many ceremonies were held during the Ryukyu era, and even now, many people appreciate it as a sacred location.

Check out the video at 0:19 to see “Sangui,” the triangular rock formation. It's like walking in the mythical footsteps of gods.
We recommend using a tour guide and listening to stories about the culture, history, and mythology of Ryukyu Islands.

Information on One of the Most Beautiful and Scenic Spots in Nanjo City, Okinawa

Image of the Valley of Gangala
Photo:Valley of Gangala

Gyokusendo is one of the largest caves in Japan, and known as a tourist destination overflowing with nature. With more than a million stalactites, it's the largest natural monument in Japan. Valley of Gangala is a subtropical forest that was formed when a limestone cave collapsed several hundred thousand years ago. The powerful natural landscape is very popular among tourists. In order to preserve the natural environment, it is necessary to go by tour guide, so we recommend making a reservation before visiting. The open café in the cave, as shown in the video, is a mysterious, Instagram-worthy spot.

Check out the cafe inside the limestone cave in the video at 1:25.

Kudakajima, a remote island in Nanjo City, is said to be the island where Ryukyu Amamikiyo, the founder of the Ryukyu Kingdom, descended from heaven, and it is believed that Okinawa Prefecture was created here.

We also recommend visiting some of the castle ruins in the area. Some popular places in Nanjo are Chinen castle ruins, Itokazu castle ruins, and Tamagusuku castle ruins. Trying some marine activities at Miibaru beach is another great way to spend your time, thanks to the beautiful beaches of Okinawa.

Traditional Events in Nanjo, Okinawa

Image of Okinawa Hari
Photo:Okinawa Hari

Nanjo also holds traditional events where you can learn about Okinawan culture. "Okutake shima Hari" is a boat racing event where people compete in rowing boats. Another traditional cultural event “China Nubare,” is a big festival to pray for a bountiful harvest.

Summary of Nanjo, Okinawa

With the long history of Nanjo, Okinawa, there's so much to see and do, and plenty of tourist destinations to check out. There are a lot of areas where the natural environment still remains as well. Check out the video to see what There are a lot of places that this article wasn't able to cover, so be sure to check out the video to get a better idea of what Nanjo has to offer. You'll be fascinated by the beautiful scenery of Nanjo, Okinawa.

Since Nanjo is not a resort area and there aren't many hotels available, we recommend staying at a lodging facility or a private residence and enjoying interacting with the local people. You won't regret spending quality time surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Nanjo.

【Official Website】Nanjo, Okinawa, City Hall

【Official Website】Nanjo Tourist Association

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The Tropical City of Nanjo, Okinawa, Welcomes You With a Spectacular View of Nature! The Limestone Caves of This Popular Tourist Destination Are Filled With Millions of Stalactites!
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