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About Itoman, Okinawa

This is a promotional video for Itoman city titled "Itoman City Tourism PR Video・Experience Compilation" (糸満市観光PRムービー_体験編(日本語版))." It's brought to you by Itoman city hall. We'd like to introduce experiences available in Itoman, a city located in southern Okinawa Island, a popular sightseeing destination in Japan.

Itoman city hall has also created other videos highlighting popular restaurants, walking routes and cultural spots in and around Itoman city.
Itoman is a city on Okinawa's main island, in the south west of Japan. Itoman city is easily accessible by car and takes around 30 minutes to get to from Naha airport (那覇空港, Nahakuukou), the main airport in Okinawa.

Itoman city was the site of many battles during World War II, and therefore is well known for battle memorial sites such as Okinawa Peace Memorial Park (沖縄県平和祈念公園, Okinawaken heiwa kinen kouen) and Himeyuri Memorial Tower (ひめゆりの塔, Himeyurinotou).
Itoman city is also famous as a fishing village, with many fishing traditions being passed down for generations.

Itoman is an area dotted with sugar cane fields and beaches with beautiful views of the ocean. Charming villages covered with red tile roofed houses typical of Okinawa add to the beautiful scenery here.

Popular Tourist Experiences in Itoman City

Image of underwater

In the opening scene of this video we're introduced to Ryukyu Glass Village's (琉球ガラス村, Ryuukyuu garasu mura) glass blowing experience.
You can see this at 0:15 in the video.
Ryukyu glassware is famous for it's characteristic air bubbles and thick, beautifully colored glass.

Glass-blowing is a traditional Japanese craft by which you can create truly one of a kind glassware.
At Ryukyu Glass Village you can also watch the craftsmen at work or purchase a variety of colorful glassware from the shop.

Next, we'd like to introduce the glass boat tours. You can see these at 0:52 in the video.
The glass boats have a glass floor which allows you to take a peek down at the sea floor below. You can enjoy looking at the beautiful Okinawan coral and tropical fish up close without the need to take part in a snorkeling or diving course.

The next sightseeing experience we'd like to introduce is Hariko making. Hariko are traditional paper-mache dolls that you can decorate however you like. You can see them being made at 01:09 in the video.
Have fun watching your cute, hand-painted Ucchiribukusa (traditional Okinawa doll) stand back up after knocking it over time and time again. The Shisa (lion dog) hariko is very typical of Okinawa.

Okinawan traditional fishing boat/Sabani sail boat experiences are also very popular.
Sabini are fishing boats used in the Tempuku Bare competition which is part of the biggest event held in Itoman city, the Itoman Hare.
Tempuku Bare is a competition where as a team you attempt to flip over your overturned Sabani boat and row it to the finish line. It is used as a test of the village fishermens' boat skills, but don't worry, as a tourist you won't have to flip over any Sabani boats during your experience!
Rowing your own Sabani with the cool wind brushing against your face is an exhilarating experience!
You can see this at 2:15 in the video.

Experience Making the Local Delicacies of Itoman

Taking part in the regional Japanese cuisine experience is sure to be one of the best memories of your trip to Okinawa.
The area with highest consumption of tofu in Japan is thought to be Okinawa and there are many tofu shops in Itoman. You can see some of these shops being introduced at 1:43 in the video.

If you take part in the Okinawa-style tofu (島豆腐, Shimadoufu) experience you will have the chance to make tofu the traditional way by grinding soy beans using a stone mortar.
The taste of freshly made Okinawan tofu will bring a smile to your face!

Summary of Itoman, Okinawa

Itoman city is famous as a sightseeing destination in Japan.
I'm sure after watching this video you'll be eager to try some of the experiences and food that Itoman city, Okinawa has to offer!
If you're headed to Itoman, be sure to use this video as a guide!

Taking part in the unique experiences here in Itoman is guaranteed to create memories you'll treasure for a lifetime.

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