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About Misato, Akita Prefecture

“The Promotional Video for Misato, Akita Prefecture(秋田県美郷町プロモーションビデオ)” produced by “Misato Hall” is a video introducing popular sightseeing spots in Misato, Akita Prefecture in Japan's Tohoku Region.

Misato is a tourist destination in Japan that has plenty of perfect spots for Instagram, and for enjoying the beautiful scenery.
It is a town with an estimated population of about 20,000 (As of May 2015).
This is a must-see spot for those who want to get outside and relax!

This article introduces the recommended sightseeing spots and famous places to visit in Misato, Akita Prefecture.

Enjoy One of the "Top 100 Waters of Japan" in Misato, Akita Prefecture

Image of Niteko Shimizu, Rokugo Yusui Spring
Photo:Niteko Shimizu, Rokugo Yūsui Spring

There are 126 springs around Misato, Akita Prefecture, and there are many places where you can see beautiful springs.
Misato formerly know as Rokugō (六郷町, Rokugō-machi), has been called "The Home of a Hundred Springs" since ancient times.
The fresh water gushing out of the pool and the trees surrounding it are full of greenery.
In the slow-moving countryside, the natural sound of flowing spring water soothes people's hearts.

Some famous spring water spots in Misato are: "Rokugo Yusui Spring," "Kogane Shimizu (Shimizu no Sato)," "Fuji Shimizu," "Niteko Shimizu," "Hatachiya-Shimizu," "Odaidokoro Shimizu," and "Meisui Ichiba Yūtaro."
These are listed under "Japan's 100 Exquisite Well-conserved Waters," "100 Selected Best Water Spots," "100 Best Water Source Forests," "100 Restorative Waters," and "100 Best Promenades for Walking."

You can also see the beautiful fish “Ibaratomiyo” (Harizakko), that lives in the beautiful clear spring water.
This video introduces famous springs in Misato, Akita Prefecture, starting at 0:39.

Popular Sightseeing Spots in “Shimizu No Sato,” Misato, Akita Prefecture

Image of Lavender field
Photo:Lavender field

Misato, Akita Prefecture, a highly recommended place for sightseeing, is full of spots where you can enjoy beautiful, natural scenery and history.
Misato's lavender farm is a superb sightseeing spot that represents Misato.
From here you can see the lavender blooming across a vast expanse of land.
The best time to enjoy the beautiful scenery here is mid-June to mid-July every year.
The contrast between white lavender and purple lavender is beautiful. You can see this in the video from 1:25.

Matsunamiki, introduced in the video from 1:51, is a pine tree lined avenue that has been selected as one of the 100 most beautiful tree streets in Japan and is a great place to enjoy natural scenery.
Also the Sakamoto Tōgaku Residence, introduced at 2:11, is the mansion of an innovator from the Meiji Period.
You can really feel the history here.

There are plenty of other spots that we recommend, where you can feel the rich culture and history of Japan! There's: "Ōu Sanroku," "Ōdaino-hiroba," "Senboku Plain," "Suwa Shrine," "Misato Lodging Facilities, Wakuasu," "Michi-no-eki Karinosato Sennan," "Ichirizuka," "Taiko arched bridge," "Rokugo Onsen Attaka-Yama," "Misato Tourism Association," "Senhata hot spring," and many more!

Popular Events in Shimizu No Sato, Misato, Akita Prefecture

Image of Rokugo no Kamakura
Photo:Rokugo no Kamakura

We also recommend participating in events and other festivals in Misato, Akita Prefecture.

"Rokugo no Kamakura" is a traditional event that has been designated as an important intangible folk culture asset.
It is a new year event that has lasted more than 700 years, and it is held every year from February 11th to the 15th.
There are other events held in Misato, such as "Shimizu Festival," the river festival "Funekko Nagashi," and the "The All-Prefecture singing competition."

Rice is another thing in Misato, Akita Prefecture that we recommend.
The rice grown with the exquisite clean water tastes excellent. It's introduced at 2:36 in the video.

Summary of Misato, Akita Prefecture

The Promotional video for Misato, Akita Prefecture, produced by "Misato Hall," is a promotional video filled with the attractions in Misato, Akita prefecture.
In this video, you can see the various sights that were introduced in this article.
Be sure to visit and find your favorite spot!

There is a lot of culture and history to be seen in the nature-filled town of Misato in Akita Prefecture.
If you're feeling tired from your work or whatever else life is throwing at you, consider making a trip to Misato, Akita Prefecture, and experiencing the rich nature that will heal both your body and soul!


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Shimizu-no-Sato in Misato, Akita: With Its Sea of Lavender, and Having Been Selected as One of the “Top 100 Waters of Japan,” You Won’t Be Able To Resist Visiting This Beautiful, Nature-Filled Tourist Destination!
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