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The Most Convenient Sightseeing Taxi

Taxis fares vary by region and company, but in some cases, a pick-up fee is charged to pick you up at your current location as well as a waiting fee if you aren't at the taxi when it arrives.
On the other hand, there are some taxi companies that offer discounts for long-distance trips, so you should make good use of them when sightseeing.

Unlike other countries, Japan's taxis have developed in their own unique way.
Toyota, one of the largest companies in the Japanese automotive industry, has developed a next-generation taxi called "JPN TAXI."

This article will cover everything you need to know about JPN TAXI!
Be sure to follow along with the video!

What is JPN TAXI?

Source :TOYOTA

The difference between Toyota's "JPN TAXI" and a normal taxi is the model.
When we think of Japanese taxis, we usually think of a sedan type, but the JPNTAXI is a tall wagon type. The height of JPNTAXI makes it comfortable for foreigners to ride in, as the cabin is spacious and easy to relax in.
If you retract the seat, you can get in the car with a wheelchair and if you have a caregiver, they can sit next to you.
In addition, JPN TAXI can also store large trunks vertically, making it possible to carry more luggage than a conventional taxi.

JPN TAXI Interior Features

Image of JPN TAXI interior
Source :TOYOTA

Do you ever worry about your smartphone or tablet running out of battery during business trips and when sightseeing?
JPN TAXI has two USB terminals so you can charge your electronic devices on the go!
You can make good use of the travel time to check your email, look up tourist attractions, and more, all without worrying about how much battery your device has.
Other features include assisted grips that make it easier to get in and out of the cab.
Toyota's JPN TAXI is also equipped with a newly-developed rear suspension that reduces sway even on rough terrain, and other subtle features.

Check Out the JPN TAXI App!

Image of JPN TAXI side-view
Source :TOYOTA

You can also call a JPN TAXI through the dispatch app "JapanTaxi."
Although it doesn't mean you'll 100% be able to ride in a JPN TAXI, it's very useful app for those who don't know the area or can't speak the language well, so we recommend downloading it before your visit to Japan.
It's also possible to book a taxi in advance to make your visit to Japan as smooth as possible.

Summary of Toyota's JPN TAXI

If you still haven't yet, be sure to check out the video to see what Toyota's next generation JPN TAXI is all about!
Enjoy your trip to Japan with JPN TAXI!

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Toyota’s Next Generation Taxi
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