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"Super Smart Society: Opening the Future Society 5.0(超スマート社会 未来を開くSociety 5.0)" produced by jstsciencechannel is a video about "Society5.0".
Society5.0 is a super smart society based on the Science and Technology Master Plan recommended by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and Japan Business Federation.

The government has stated that it will begin efforts to realize a super-smart society led by science,
and innovation, following the hunting, agricultural, industrial, and information society.

Ultra-Smart Society "society5.0" Initiative 1: Smart Factories

The Internet connection of things, which is used in all aspects of industry and life, is called IoT.
It is expected that new values will be created one after another by integrating the real world and cyberspace through communication.

For example, in the industrial field, smart production systems (smart factories) that connect artificial intelligence sensors and big data on production lines, like the 4th Industrial Revolution recommended in Germany, are attracting attention.
This can be seen at 0:30 in the video.

Ultra-Smart Society "society5.0" Initiative 2: Ultra-Compact Mobility

Intelligent transportation system is one of the initiatives of Society5.0. At Asuka Village in Nara Prefecture, they are conducting a demonstration test of the “MICHIMO” rental service of “micro-miniature mobility” for tourists.
You can watch a video of a commentary on the ruins of the Ishibutai Tomb being checked on a terminal mounted on an electric vehicle.

In addition, the management of electric vehicles can be easily performed with the “Charging/Authentication System”.
In addition, experiments on the uniform automatic driving of buses and trucks are already underway.
The aim is to improve the efficiency of road transport and reduce traffic accidents.
This can be seen from 1:18 in the video.

Ultra-Smart Society "society5.0" Initiative 3: Community-Based Comprehensive Care System

The super-smart society "Society5.0" is also useful for medical care and health management.
Innovative systems that can be used in medicine are being developed one after another, such as a cuffless blood pressure measurement using a chair, and a system that can take electrocardiogram measurements while sleeping with an electrode device sewn in pajamas or a bed cover.

Data can be sent in real time to physicians at remote locations, and while currently patients currently need to visit hospitals for a checkup, with this system, they are protected by the network and can be informed that something is wrong before they even know it.
This can be seen from 2:49 in the video.

Summary of "society5.0"

In addition to being introduced in the video, Society 5.0 is expected to be used in artificial energy and for mass data in the fields of energy and disaster prevention, as well as in education and corporate sites.

Through the efforts of the Cabinet Office and the Japan Business Federation, “Society5.0” will lead to new that will continue to be developed society.
Are you looking forward to seeing what kind of technology will be created in the coming years?

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