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Sold Out Before the Store Opens?! A Look at the Exquisite Unaju of the Michelin Restaurant Obana!
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The Splendid Skills of the Artisans of the 200-Year-Old Eel Shop
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This video, titled "[Exquisite] A Famous Michelin Eel Restaurant! One of Tabelog's Top 100 Restaurants [Unagi Tomoei] Food Porn" (【極上】ミシュランの鰻の超有名店!食べログ百名店【うなぎ亭 友栄】飯テロ), was released by "Roid Gohan" (ロイドごはん).
This video shows delicious eel dishes at Unagi Tomoei in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

After an introduction of the menu from the exterior of the restaurant, you'll enjoy delicious eel, freshly cut liver (with sauce and wasabi), and the high-class unaju.
The video shows that the eels are thick and fluffy with just the right amount of fat.
Be sure to try sprinkling some fresh wasabi on the eel as well.
Check out the video to see some delicious eel dishes!

1.5 Times Thicker Than Regular Eel! Feast on Fluffy, Delicious Eel! Introducing the Famous Eel Restaurant
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