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Popular Tourist Destination in Nara prefecture

This video, titled "Nara: Origins [4K Japan Cinematic]," was produced by Tokyo Creative Travel.

Nara is one of Japan's most popular tourist destinations, and there are many places where you can enjoy the history and natural scenery of the area.
It is a great place to visit for foreign visitors interested in Japan and Japanese people looking to rediscover the beauty of their homeland.

This article will introduces temples, Buddhist statues, and heritage sites to visit when traveling in Nara prefecture. Be sure to follow along with the video!

Discover the History of Nara

The first thing to do in Nara is visit Todai-ji Temple, a temple registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Todai-ji Temple is visited by many tourists from both Japan and overseas.
The temple's main deity is the celestial Buddha, Vairocana, also known as the Great Buddha of Nara.

The five-story pagodas of Horyu-ji and Kofuku-ji Temples are two more great places to visit.
These historic pagodas are designated as national treasures.
The majestic, powerful silhouettes of these five-story pagodas will overwhelm you.

Other temples to visit include Kasuga Taisha Shrine, Gango-ji Temple, Yakushiji Temple, and Toshodai-ji Temple.

Enjoy the Beautiful Natural Landscapes of Nara Prefecture

As one of Japan's most popular tourist destinations, there are many places to enjoy the natural scenery of Nara.
One of the best places to visit is Nara Park. Many tourists enjoy petting the deer and feeding them deer crackers.
Enjoy the rare experience of interacting with deer!

Next is the scenic view from the stage of Nigatsudou at Todaiji Temple.
The view of the mountains in the Nara Basin from the stage of the Nigatsudou is so beautiful that it will leave you at a loss for words.

There's also Mt. Wakakusa, the Tanize Suspension Bridge, and Kumano River.

Summary Sightseeing in Nara Prefecture

The video is full of the charms of Nara, including Buddhist statues, temples, and even rice cake making.

It's a very beautiful 4K video that shows the charms of Nara. We hope you'll want to visit the city after watching it!

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Get a Taste of Japanese History in Nara Prefecture! Nara Prefecture Is Full of Places That You Don't Want to Miss When Traveling to the Kansai Region!
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