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Five of Tokushima Prefecture's Most Attractive Tourist Spots

This video, titled "Undiscovered Tokushima, The Real Tokushima ~ Full ~," was released by "The City of Water / Tokushima City Tourism Channel" (水都・徳島市観光チャンネル).

Awa Odori is a famous attraction in Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture, located in Japan's Shikoku region, but there are many other attractive sightseeing spots in Tokushima Prefecture as well.
This time, we'll introduce 5 recommended activities to enjoy in Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture.

[Tokushima Recommendation #1] Traditional Performing Arts, Historical Heritages, and Other Japanese Culture

As you can see from 0:45 in the video, Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture, has a traditional culture called Awa Ningyo Joruri (a type of traditional puppet theatre), which is a nationally designated Important Intangible Cultural Property.
In addition, Awa Aizome (indigo dyeing), seen from 0:39, is one of Tokushima's traditional industries.
At the Aizome Craft Center (藍染工芸館, Aizome Kougeikan), you can experience aizome dyeing classes and buy craftwork that give you a sense of history and culture, as souvenirs.

In addition, Tokushima is dotted with many historical heritage sites, such as ancient tombs, temples, and shrines.
A valuable excavation site can be seen at Awashima Historic Park.
It's a recommended sightseeing route for taking walks in Tokushima while feeling the history and culture.

[Tokushima Recommendation #2] Shikoku Henro, a Temple Pilgrimage

Image of Ryozenji Temple, Tokushima Prefecture
Photo:Ryozenji Temple, Tokushima Prefecture

Shikoku Henro is a traditional pilgrimage in Japan.
The first of the 88 temples in Shikoku, which were founded by Kobo Daishi, is Ryozenji Temple, located in Tokushima Prefecture.
There are 22 pilgrimage sites in Tokushima Prefecture.
The pilgrimage route also has shukuba (lodging), so if you're looking to complete the pilgrimage on foot consider staying at these.
You can see images of the pilgrimage from 0:17 in the video.

[Tokushima Recommendation #3] Activities To Enjoy With Children

image of Bentenyama, Tokushima Prefecture
Photo:Bentenyama, Tokushima Prefecture

Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture, is also known as the city of water.
Every July, there are lots of activities that you can enjoy with your children, such as the Tokushima Hyotanjima Water City Festival (徳島ひょうたん島水都祭り, Tokushima Hyotanjima Suito Matsuri) and the Hyotanjima Cruise!
The model of Hyokkori Hyoutanjima, a puppet show on NHK, was Hyoutanjima in Tokushima City.

And there's another recommended activity that you can enjoy with your children!
That is, climbing the mountain, Bentenyama, which is famous as the smallest mountain in Japan.
Adults can reach the summit in 1 minute!
If you climb the stairs, there is a shrine that enshrines Benzaiten, so why not enjoy a casual mountain climb with your kids and bring along some lunch to enjoy as well?
The Tokushima Zoo, where you can experience feeding animals, is also a little-known tourist spot.

[Tokushima Recommendation #4] Local Gourmet Food in Tokushima

Image of Gourmet Food in Tokushima Prefecture
Photo:Gourmet Food in Tokushima Prefecture

Tokushima is full of finger-licking-good gourmet spots!
The one we recommend most is the local okonomiyaki "Mametentama," which can only be eaten in Tokushima.
This is sweetly stewed Kintoki beans made into tempura (Kakiage in Tokyo style) and then made into okonomiyaki.
The okonomiyaki sauce and sweet beans are a perfect match and are totally addictive.

If you get tired of walking, you can always take a break and try Tokushima's famous Taki-no-yakimochi, at a cafe in Mt. Bizan.
Taki-no-yakimochi is a local dessert that uses the famous water from Kinryosui Spring on Mt. Bizan, which was loved by successive generations of Tokushima feudal lords.
Matcha goes great with the slightly sweet mochi.
If you're hungry, try Tokushima's specialty, Niku-dama ramen, and replenish your stamina!
You can see the popular gourmet foods of Tokushima prefecture from 1:21 in the video.

[Tokushima Recommendation #5] The Beautiful Natural Scenery of Mt. Bizan and Awa Odori

You can see the whole view of the cityscape of Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture from Mt. Bizan.
Also, you can climb to the mountaintop from the 5th floor of the Awa Odori Hall (阿波おどり会館, Awaodori Kaikan) by ropeway; and during this, you can enjoy traveling through the air while enjoying a spectacular view of Mt. Bizan and the sea.

Awa Odori is a must-see for anyone sightseeing in Tokushima.
Awa Odori has a male dance and a female dance, and the dance is performed by an organization called "Ren" (連).
Every August, the city of Tokushima comes to life with many locals and tourists attending the event.
You can see the scenes of Awa Odori from 1:51 in the video.

Summary of the Attractions of Tokushima Prefecture

Image of Yoshino River, Tokushima Prefecture
Photo:Yoshino River, Tokushima Prefecture

In this article we introduced 5 exciting activities to enjoy in Tokushima Prefecture, but what do you think?
The Yoshino River crosses through Tokushima, the city of water, and the sea of Tokushima is a mecca for surfing in Japan's Chugoku and Shikoku regions.

In Japanese mythology, Shikoku is said to have been the first Island created in the Japanese archipelago, and it is a historically valuable place.
Be sure to visit Tokushima Prefecture, a place of mythology, water, culture and history!
When the Awa Odori Festival is held, reservations for hotels and inns will be limited, so we recommend making reservations early.

【Official Website】Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture City Hall Website

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5 Recommended Tourist Spots in Tokushima! Awa Odori, History, Nature, Gourmet Food, Tradition, and so Much More Awaits You!
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