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This video, titled "「ゆりかもめ」前面展望「夜景」(新橋-豊洲)全区間「7300系」[字幕][4K]Yurikamome Line Tokyo[Cab View]2019.01," was released by "mENAGA."

The Yurikamome Line is well known for its transportation to Odaiba, Toyosu, and Shiodome.
If you've been to Comiket, a popular event for anime and manga fans, you've probably used the Yurikamome line at least once.
However, not many people have actually taken the whole line from start to finish!

The main point of this video is that it captures the view from Shimbashi Station to Toyosu Station as seen from the Yurikamome line.
The video is a great way to get a feel for what it's like to ride the Yurikamome line.

This Line Will Take You to Popular Sights in Tokyo and Odaiba! A Look at the Yurikamome Line From Start to Finish!
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