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This video, titled "千葉アーバンモノレール Chiba Monorail 'Urban Flyer' (001)," was released by "Dotaku."

This video features Chiba Urban Monorail's flagship train, the Type 0 Urban Flyer, which debuted in 2012.
The Type 0 Urban Flyer is based the previous designs, but with minor changes that upgraded its safety and viewability.

The seats have a better view due to being low-back seats, and vertical handrails have been added to ensure the safety of the elderly and those with disabilities.

The video shows the view from inside the train, so you can enjoy feeling like you're riding the urban flyer!

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Chiba Urban Monorail's Main Train [Type 0 Urban Flyer] 2012 Debut
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