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What Kind Place Is Kawaminami?

This is a PR video produced by "Miyazaki Prefecture Town and Village Assembly" to promote Kawaminami in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Kawaminami, located between Miyazaki-city (宮崎市: Miyazaki-shi) and Hyuga-city (日向市: Hyuga-shi) is in a rich natural environment and known as one of three land reclamations in Japan. Many settlers from all over Japan were involved in pig farming and tea growing here.

Kawaminami has been promoting the project "Fill Kawaminami with Cotton flowers."
In summer, you can see cotton flowers everywhere throughout the town.
Please enjoy its beauty through this 3 minute video.

Recommended Tourist Spots in Kawaminami

Shinohara Falls (篠原滝:Shinoharadaki) is a tourist spots that you shouldn’t miss when you're in Kawaminami.
The falls are composed of a male and female water fall.
It's quite the sight.

It's also a very popular Instagram location in Kawaminami.
Kawaminami Gokoku Shrine has a stone monument for commemorating the birthplace of navy paratroopers as well.
Also, the water tower that you see is a legacy of the war.

Higashi Area Sports Park and Kawaminami Coast, famous for its exceptionally clear water, are also popular tourist locations.
You can see the beautiful coast line and people enjoying walks on the beach or surfing in the video (0:59).

Popular Events in Kawaminami

On every fourth Sunday, Kawaminami holds the "Toron Toron Kei Truck Market."
Around 150 kei trucks gather together in the Toron Toron Shopping Arcade, and you can buy local dishes or everyday goods at reasonable prices here.
The number of stalls, visitors and the number of events at this morning market are all the highest of all morning markets in Japan.
The morning market is introduced from 0:22 in the video.

On weekend nights in late July, many townspeople enjoy the "Toron Toron Kei Truck Market."
Kawaminami also has another popular tourist event in the winter called "Kawaminami Denshoku Daisakusen," a large illumination event.

Popular Local Foods of Kawaminami

Before sightseeing in this town, you should check out where you want to eat.
In Kawaminami, they grow tea leaves by taking advantage of the mild climate.
You can enjoy delicious tea and lunch at "Togenosato" while seeing at beautiful palces in Kawaminami.

Being near the sea, Kawaminami is also famous for its seafood (especially the tuna).
We recommend visiting "Toorihama," a store run by the Kawaminami Fishing Port.
You can enjoy fresh seafood and tuna croquettes here.
Organically grown high quality bananas are also popular in Kawaminami.

Summary of Kawaminami

Kawaminami in Miyazaki Prefecture has many nice tourist spots and a myriad of events.
Be sure to watch the video to get a feel for how interesting Kawaminami is.

You're sure to find plenty of things that catch your eye in Kawaminami!

【Official Web Site】Kawaminami Town Hall Website

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Kawaminami in Miyazaki Prefecture: Home to Japan’s No. 1 Morning Market. From Surfing to Local Dishes to Tourist Spots, Kawaminami, One of Three Largest Land Reclamations in Japan, Is a Place That Should Be on Your Bucket List!
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