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COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is always holding photo contests. This time, we have selected photos that convey the beauty of Japan's Tohoku region from among those submitted to our past photo contests. From popular tourist attractions to picturesque shots of natural phenomena, we've got an amazing list of photos lined up for you to enjoy!

COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is a social, video curation site that introduces the charms of Japan to people around the world who are interested in Japan.

Our photo contests allow you to participate and even win with photos taken via your smartphone! Stick around to learn more!

We have picked out some amazing photos of Japan's Tohoku region from among the many wonderful entries that convey the charms of Japan. We'll also introduce some popular photo spots as well! Enjoy!


Photographer: もつ
Location: Ginzan Onsen (Yamagata Prefecture)

Highlights of Ginzan Onsen, a Popular Tourist Attraction
Lined with wooden, multi-story Western-style inns, Ginzan Onsen has a retro-modern townscape reminiscent of Japan's Taisho period (1912-1926). The best time to visit Ginzan Onsen, which attracts photographers from all over the world, is during the snowy winter season (January to February). The landscape illuminated by the orange glow of gas lamps, essential for a nostalgic atmosphere, makes for a tasteful and chic photo. Onsen ryokan (hot spring inns) with open-air baths where visitors can bathe while viewing the snowy scenery are very popular. Enjoy the fantastic Ginzan Onsen covered with snow.

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Photographer: Yuta Aihara
Location: Risshakuji Temple (Yamagata Prefecture)

Highlights of Risshakuji Temple, a Popular Tourist Attraction
Hoshuzan Risshakuji Temple is the setting for the famous haiku poem

Such stillness
Sinking into the rocks
The shrill of the cicadas

by the master haiku poet Matsuo Basho in his travelogue The Narrow Road to the Deep North. The temple is also known as a 'yamadera' (mountain temple) and belongs to the Tendai Sect of Buddhism in Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture. Climb the narrow stairs to reach the top of the temple. The platform, which juts out from the cliff, offers a breathtakingly beautiful view and is a popular photo spot for visitors.

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Photographer: 山川 さおり
Location: Fudosawa Bridge (Fukushima Prefecture)

Highlights of Tsubakuro Valley, a Popular Tourist Attraction
Fudosawa Bridge spans the scenic Tsubakuro Valley along the Bandai-Azuma Skyline. In autumn, it's a spectacular spot to photograph the autumn leaves, and if the sky over Fukushima City is overcast, there is a good chance to see a sea of clouds. If the live camera on Route 115 shows clear views of Fudosawa and Jododaira, consider driving to the top of the clouds. We guarantee you'll take photos that will make you think you're in heaven.

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Photographer: めんま
Location: Goshikinuma Ponds (Fukushima Prefecture)

Highlights of Goshikinuma Pond, a Popular Tourist Attraction
Goshikinuma is a group of lakes and swamps created by the eruption of Mount Bandai in Aizu. The water of the lakes come in a variety of colors, such as emerald green and cobalt blue, fascinating visitors and leading to the nickname the 'Lakes of Mystery." From mid-October to early November, the best season for viewing the autumn foliage, visitors are mesmerized by the colorful autumn leaves and the beautiful ponds. Aonuma, which has a more mysterious atmosphere than the other lakes, is especially recommended. The contrast with the autumn leaves is exceptional.

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Photographer: だいだい@名前のつかない写真展
Location: Zao Fox Village (Miyagi Prefecture)

Highlights of Zao Fox Village, a Popular Tourist Attraction
Located in Shiroishi, Miyagi, Zao Fox Village is Japan's only zoo for foxes. The zoo has more than 100 foxes of various species that are raised free range, and visitors can see them from up close. The best time to visit is from spring to early summer, as holding a newborn fox cub is a popular activity. Visitors can capture the cute foxes in their natural habitat during a 2-3 hour stay.

A Video Article About Zao Fox Village in Miyagi Prefecture


Photographer: Syohei photography
Location: Okama Crater (Miyagi Prefecture)

Highlights of Zao's Okama Crater, a Popular Tourist Attraction
One of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains in Japan, Mt. Zao is located on the border between Miyagi and Yamagata prefectures. Okama Crater, a popular tourist attraction there, is a crater lake surrounded by three mountains and is a symbol of Zao, along with the famous ice monsters (ice-covered trees). Visitors can enjoy Okama Crater from late April to early November. Be sure to bring a jacket, as temperatures are low even during the summer months. According to locals, the recommended time to visit is in the morning, even on clear days. You may be able to see the stunning emerald green surface of the water. Please note that the dedicated road to the crater is closed during the winter.

A Video Article About Zao in Yamagata Prefecture


Photographer: 小西直昭
Location: An igloo (Yokote, Akita Prefecture)

Highlights of the Yokote Snow Festival, a Popular Tourist Attraction
The Yokote Snow Festival is said to have a history of approximately 450 years as a festival where people can enjoy igloos at a small New Year's event, and the Brahma dedicated to Asahi Okayama Shrine. Held annually on February 15 and 16, children serve amazake (sweet sake) and mochi (rice cakes) inside the approximately 80 igloos built in the city, while welcoming guests into the igloos. The candles lit in the igloos create a spectacular atmosphere.

A Video Article About the Yokote Snow Festival of Akita Prefecture


Photographer: Lily0321
Location: Ashino Park (Goshogawara, Aomori Prefecture)

Highlights of Ashino Park, a Popular Tourist Attraction in Aomori Prefecture
Ashino Park is said to be one of the best places on the Tsugaru Peninsula to enjoy the cherry blossoms. The best time to view the cherry blossoms is usually from late April to early May, when more than 1,500 cherry trees of all sorts of varieties can be seen in full bloom. The cherry blossoms blooming along the lakeside are so beautiful that they overwhelm onlookers. The scenery of Tsugaru Railway's an old-fashioned train 'Run Melos-go, named after a popular children's story, passing through the tunnel of cherry blossoms in full bloom creates a popular photo spot for those looking take pictures of the cherry blossoms.

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Photographer: こーさ | Kousa Kobayashi
Location: Tsutanuma Pond (Towada, Aomori Prefecture)

Highlights of Tsutanuma, a Popular Tourist Attraction
Tsutanuma is a popular tourist attraction in Towada, Aomori, with its fiery red autumn leaves. On a day when the wind is calm, the reflection of the trees on the surface of the lake is truly breathtaking. To reduce traffic and protect the environment, advance reservations and a "cooperation fee" of 4,000 yen per car (including one driver) plus 2,000 yen per passenger are required to visit Tsutanuma when the autumn leaves are in season (October 20 - October 31, 2022, from 5 AM to 7:30 AM).

A Video Article About Autumn Leaves at Tsutanuma in Hakkoda, Aomori


Photographer: 山川 さおり
Location: A white rainbow at Hachimantai (Hachimantai, Iwate Prefecture))

A White Rainbow
A rainbow is a phenomenon that appears when sunlight is reflected and refracted by moisture in the air. The conditions for the appearance of a white rainbow are clear skies and fog, but they are rarely caught on camera. If you come across one of these rare white rainbows, be sure to take a photo.

A Video Article About Towada Hachimantai National Park in Japan's Tohoku Region

COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is a social, video curation site that showcases the charms of Japan to people around the world who are interested in Japan.
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Spring in Japan

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Tohoku in COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contests: Hot Springs, Festivals, Snowscapes, and More – 10 Beautiful Photos of Japan's Tohoku Region!
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