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Sightseeing in the Harsh Cold of Winter in Japan's Tohoku Region

This is a 4K video of the "stove train" running through Aomori Prefecture that gives information on sightseeing in Japan's Tohoku region during winter.
In winter, you can enjoy the snow-covered landscape of the Tohoku region, and the changing scenery of the four seasons.
The Tsugaru Railway is a simple sightseeing train that travels through the snow-covered Tohoku region and has a potbelly stove in the train as a throwback to the olden days of Japan.
The Tsugaru Railway stove train, known as the winter event train, takes you on a fascinating trip to enjoy the scenery around the Tohoku region in winter.

Recommended Tourist Attractions in Fukushima, Yamagata, Akita and Aomori

Ouchi-juku in Fukushima Prefecture is a popular tourist spot where the original atmosphere of Japan still remains.
Take a leisurely stroll through the atmospheric streets that will have you feeling as if you've stepped back in time to the Edo period.

In Yamagata, we recommend taking a boat ride on the Mogami River and admiring the natural scenery, or stopping for sightseeing at the Ginzan Onsen with its beautiful Taisho-roman style scenery.
You can also take a trip to the lesser-known tourist spot, Tamasudare Falls, to enjoy some breathtaking scenery.
If you're headed to Akita, taking a photo with an armored warrior in the historical samurai residence village Kakunodate is a great way to commemorate your visit.
If you're traveling to the seaside of Aomori, be sure to try the delicious seafood!
After a stroll through the snowy landscape, stop by Aomori Gyosai Center and Augashinsen Market for a tasty bowl of "Aomori nokke-don," a local specialty seafood dish.

How to Enjoy Winter in Japan's Tohoku Region

In winter, ice icicles hang from the eaves of historic Japanese houses, creating a beautiful scenes.
On cold days, people in the Tohoku region spend time in Japanese-style rooms with a sunken hearth gazing out at the snowy landscapes from behind shoji windows.
After shoveling snow as a family, they sometimes make snowmen or igloos.
There are many local dolls in the Tohoku region, including Hina Dolls and Musha Dolls.
Consider buying some of these local dolls as souvenirs after visiting the snowy Tohoku region.

Summary of Japan's Snowy Tohoku Region

As we mentioned before, if you're in the Tohoku region of Japan, we recommend taking a ride on the stove train, and admiring the beautiful scenery, or staying at a Japanese ryokan to relax and enjoy the serene scenery.
If you're looking to enjoy the snowy landscape of Japan, look no further than the Tohoku region in winter!

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Jan. 11, 2021
坂崎 なお(Nao Sakazaki)
Interested in Japanese culture and traditions! I'll be introducing lovely scenery to you!
Enjoy the Silvery Landscapes of Japan's Tohoku Region! The Sightseeing Destinations Dyed With the Unique Snowy Scenery of Winter Is Something You Won't Find Anywhere Else
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