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The Beautiful Snowscapes of Japan

This video, titled "4K Beautiful snow scene in Japan 日本の雪景色 TOP14名所 winter scenery snowscapes snow light tourism trip," was produced by Discover Nippon.

Japan is a country where you can enjoy the nature of all four seasons.
The Japanese archipelago has a unique vertical topography, which means that in winter, the temperature in Hokkaido, located in the north of the country, can drop below 10 degrees Celsius, while in the subtropical region of Okinawa, it's possible to wear a t-shirt year round.

In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the most beautiful snowscapes of winter in Japan alongside a beautiful 4K video!

Sightseeing in Tokyo on a Snowy Day

When people think of snow in Japan, they generally think of the snowy landscapes of Tohoku and Hokkaido; however, several times a year, snow falls in the capital city of Tokyo as well. The snow brings the city to a halt, making the Imperial Palace and Sensoji Temple, with its low traffic (both human and vehicle), a tasteful, hidden tourist destination.
Tokyo's snowy scenery, which can only be seen once or twice a year, is a rare sight. However, transportation is tremendously impeded, so please be cautious when collecting information on traffic and weather forecasts.

Places to See Japan's Representative Snowscapes

If you're looking for beautiful snowscapes in Japan, then we've got just the list for you:

・Akita Prefecture:Igloos
・Gifu Prefecture:Shirakawa, The Northern Alps
・Hokkaido:Otaru Canal, Sapporo Snow Festival
・Yamagata Prefecture:Ginzan Onsen, The Ice Trees of Zao
・Ishikawa Prefecture:Kenroku-en covered in snow

Even if you're not in the Tohoku region, you can still enjoy the spectacular snowscapes of the mountains, and even in the Tohoku region, there's not so much snow on the Pacific side.
We recommend the hot springs in the mountains and onsen areas on the Sea of Japan side.

Active Snowfall Scenery and Sights to Enjoy

There are also plenty of places to enjoy winter sports in Japan.
Japan is a popular destination for winter sports, having hosted two Winter Olympics to date.
Many of the ski resorts where you can snowboard are located near hot spring resorts, so you can relax after a long day of skiing/snowboarding with delicious food and hot springs.

If You're Traveling the Snowscapes of Japan, Hot Spring Tourism Is the Way to Go!

Here's a list of hot spring resorts with snowy landscapes and winter sports:

・Nagano Prefecture has a great view of the Northern Alps and popular hot springs and ski resorts such as Hakuba.
・Niigata Prefecture is famous for its snow, hot springs and delicious seafood.
・Hokkaido is a paradise of hot springs, where many foreign tourists come to enjoy the large scale resort hotels with ski slopes. After skiing and snowboarding, you can replenish your stamina with Ghengis Khan (Jingisukan), a Japanese lamb dish.
・After skiing, you can enjoy playing in the snow in an igloo and relaxing in hot springs in Akita Prefecture. Kiritanpo hot pot is the specialty in this area!

All of these are great places to visit, so find which one suits you best!
Hokkaido and Nagano Prefecture are the host cities of the Winter Olympics, so it's safe to say that they're the Meccas of winter sports in Japan.

Sightseeing at Temples and Shrines Where You Can Enjoy the Majestic Snowy Scenery

Here are some temples and shrines we recommend checking out:

・Yamadera (Yamagata Prefecture): Yamadera, also known in children's songs, is a famous temple located in Yamagata Prefecture.
・Chuson-ji Temple (Iwate Prefecture): Chuson-ji is a World Heritage Site! The beauty of Konjikido with a snowy landscape is unbeatable.
・Iwakiyama Shrine (Aomori Prefecture): Iwakiyama Shrine, located on Mt. Iwaki, which is often mentioned in songs, is an Important Cultural Property of Japan and is the setting for Sansho the Bailiff.
・Towada Shrine (Aomori, Japan): A historical shrine with a lake with a beautiful emerald green surface. The contrast between the snowy winter landscape and the lake is like a beautiful painting.

Summary of the Snowscapes of Japan

Winters in snowy countries can be hard in terms of climate, but the beautiful, ink-painting-like world created by the snow that covers Japan's beautiful natural landscape is well worth seeing.
Enjoy Japan's snowy landscape in the beautiful 4K video.

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Last Updated : Jan. 18, 2021
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Japan's Most Beautiful Snow-Covered Scenery and Popular Tourist Spots That'll Look Great on Your Instagram! The Country, Dyed in a Beautiful White, Shows a Different Face Than Most Are Used To
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