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A Look at the Yase Ohara Area, a Popular Sightseeing Destination in Kyoto!

This video, titled "[Kyoto, Yase, Mt. Hiei] The Autumn Colors of Yase, Ruriko-in Temple, Cable Hiei Station, Sanzen-in Temple Kyoto Yase Mt. Hiei," (【京都 八瀬 比叡山】 八瀬もみじの小径、瑠璃光院、叡山ケーブル、三千院 Kyoto Yase Mt.Hiei), was released by "Mt. Hiei・Lake Biwa - The Corridor of Mountains, Water, and Light."

The Mt. Hiei area of Yase, Ohara is a popular sightseeing route in Kyoto that offers breathtaking views of the autumn foliage in the fall.
Check out the video to enjoy the Japanesque scenery of the gardens and autumnal foliage.

Ruriko-in Temple

Ruriko-in Temple in the Yase area, known as the inner sanctum of Kyoto, introduced at 1:55 in the video, is a highly regarded location among those who know of it.
Ruriko-in Temple, which was once a retreat for court nobles, is famous for its spectacular views of fresh greenery in the spring and autumn colors in the fall.
In particular, the sight of the autumn foliage in the garden reflecting off the desks in the study is breathtakingly beautiful.

The Road of Maples, shown at 1:13 in the video, is lit up in autumn, making it perfect for taking pics for your Instagram!

Sanzen-in Temple

Sanzen-in Temple, introduced at 2:42 in the video, was established by Saicho in the Enryaku period, and is one of the three monuments of the Tendai school of Buddhism.
At Sanzen-in Temple, you can see the Jizo statues in the moss garden and the Amida Buddha Triad statues in Ōjōgokuraku-in Temple, a national treasure.
The video shows the unique beauty of Kyoto's gardens.

Cable Hiei Station

If you want to go sightseeing around Mt. Hiei's Enryakuji, located on the border between Kyoto and Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, you can use Cable Hiei Station, shown at 3:19 in the video.
Cable Hiei Station travels across Japan's highest elevation difference of 561 meters and takes about 9 minutes to complete the journey.
From the window of the cable car, you can enjoy the natural scenery of the mountain and the changing of the seasons.
At the peak, you can also see a spectacular view of Lake Biwa in the distance.

Summary of the Beautiful Scenery of Kyoto

Ruriko-in Temple, Sanzen-in Temple, Cable Hiei Station, there's plenty of sightseeing destinations in Kyoto where you can enjoy the beautiful autumnal scenery of Japan.

In Kyoto, the autumn weather is much cooler and the leaves change to beautiful shades of red and orange.
Enjoy a trip to Kyoto and discover the beautiful autumn foliage of Japan!

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Nov. 25, 2020
坂崎 なお(Nao Sakazaki)
Interested in Japanese culture and traditions! I'll be introducing lovely scenery to you!
The Yase Ōhara Area of Kyoto... Feel the Four Seasons of Japan Through a Spectacular View of the Autumn Foliage That Dyes the Landscape Beautiful Shades of Red and Orange!
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