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Introducing the Yase Ohara Area, a Popular Sightseeing Destination in Kyoto

This video, titled "【Kyoto, Yase, Hieizan】Yase Path of Maple, Ruriko-in Temple, Eizan Cable, Sanzen-in Temple|Kyoto Yase Mt. Hiei" (【京都 八瀬 比叡山】 八瀬もみじの小径、瑠璃光院、叡山ケーブル、三千院 Kyoto Yase Mt.Hiei), was uploaded by "Hieizan and Lake Biwa: A Corridor of Mountains, Water, and Light" (比叡山・びわ湖-山と水と光の廻廊-).

The Yase Ohara/Mt. Hiei area, popular as a royal route for sightseeing in Kyoto, offers breathtaking views of autumn leaves in the fall.
Check out the video and enjoy the garden scenery and autumn foliage of Japan's beautiful four seasons.

A Closer Look at Rurikoin Temple

Image of Rurikoin Temple, Kyoto Prefecture
Photo:Rurikoin Temple, Kyoto Prefecture

The popular sightseeing spot, Rurikoin Temple in the Yase area, called the "inner sanctum" of Kyoto, is introduced from 1:55.
Here, you can enjoy fresh green leaves in the spring, and beautiful autumn foliage in the fall.
The reflection of the autumn leaves in the garden on the desk of the Shoin (study) is especially beautiful and will leave you speechless.

The Yase Path of Maple, introduced at 1:13 in the video, is lit up in autumn, making it the perfect place for taking Instagram photos.

Sanzen-in Temple - A Famous Historical Temple!

Image of Autumn leaves at Sanzenin Temple in Ohara, Kyoto
Photo:Autumn leaves at Sanzenin Temple in Ohara, Kyoto

Sanzen-in Temple was established by Saicho sometime between 767 and 822.
It is one of the three Tendai Monzeki and has a long history.

We recommend seeing the statue enshrined in the moss garden and visiting the Amida Hall to see statues of the Amitabha Triad.
Experience all the charms of the beautiful garden, which can be seen only in Kyoto, in this amazing video.

The "Eizan Cable" Ropeway

Image of Kyoto Prefecture, Eizan Ropeway
Photo:Kyoto Prefecture, Eizan Ropeway

If you're looking to go sightseeing around Enryakuji Temple, located on the border between Kyoto and Otsu, Shiga, we recommend using the the Eizan Cable (ropeway), introduced at 3:19 in the video, as it's a convenient way to get around.
It travels the highest elevation in Japan at 561 meters and it takes about nine minutes to reach its destination.

From the windows, you can enjoy the natural and seasonal scenery of Mt. Hiei.
From the top of the mountain, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Otusu's Lake Biwa in the distance.

Summary of Kyoto's Scenic Beauty

image of Rurikoin Temple, Kyoto Prefecture
Photo:Rurikoin Temple, Kyoto Prefecture

There are many places where you can see the beautiful autumn leaves in Kyoto, such as Rurikoin Temple and Sanzen-in Temple.

In Kyoto, the weather cools down in the fall which makes the leaves turn beautiful shades of red and orange.
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Japan with a sightseeing trip to Kyoto!

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Last Updated : Oct. 4, 2022
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The Beauty of the Autumn Leaves in the Yase Ohara Area of Kyoto Is Mesmerizing! Feel the Four Seasons of Japan as the Entire Area Turns To Beautiful Shades of Red and Orange!
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