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The Model for Spirited Away? Ginzan Onsen Video Introduction

This video, titled "Ginzan Onsen at Night|Ginzan Onsen|Japan 4K Spirited Away Anime Hot Spring Town|Nostalgic Hot Spring Town|Taisho Roman|Yamagata Sightseeing" (銀山温泉 夜景 Ginzan Onsen | Japan 4K Spirited Away Anime Hot Spring Town | ノスタルジックな温泉街 大正浪漫 山形観光), was uploaded by "Japan Videography." The video introduces Ginzan Onsen at night, a fantastic place lit up by beautiful streetlights.

Ginzan Onsen, located in Hanazawa, Yamagata, in Japan's Tohoku region, is known as a popular hot spring resort in Japan. On both sides of the Ginzan River, there are rows of unique, three- to four-story tall, wooden, Western-style inns built from Japan's Taisho Period (1912-1926 AD) to the Showa Period, creating a nostalgic landscape.

Although there is no actual specific model, Ginzan Onsen has a nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of the setting of the Ghibli movie Spirited Away.
This article will introduce tourist information and information about ryokan at Ginzan Onsen. Be sure to check out the video and enjoy the Taisho-roman atmosphere of the hot spring resort at night.

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter... The 4 Seasons at Ginzan Onsen

Image of Ginzan Onsen in Summer
Photo:Ginzan Onsen in Summer

Despite being easily accessible, Ginzan Onsen is considered a bit of a hidden gem in Yamagata Prefecture. It's easily reached by the Yamagata Shinkansen bullet train, as well as by air from Haneda, Itami, or Nagoya to Yamagata Airport. If visiting by car, you can park at the parking lot in front of Ginzan Onsen and take a bus to the hot spring resort.

Ginzan Onsen is full of charm throughout Japan's four seasons. In the spring, guests can enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms and delicious vegetables grown in the mountains. In the summer, the weather is pleasant, and we recommend walking along the walking course to Shirogane Falls while enjoying the chirping of birds and the sound of water from the mountain stream. In autumn, you visitors can enjoy beautiful autumn leaves, as well as dishes using mushrooms and other autumn delicacies.

The most popular time to visit Ginzan Onsen is during winter. The deep snow and the warm glow of the street lights create a fantastic atmosphere. The hot springs feel especially inviting amidst the cold weather.

The Shirogane-yu public bathhouse and the Warashi-yu footbath make Ginzan Onsen a casual place to enjoy Japan's hot spring culture.

Getting a Reservation at Ginzan Onsen + An Introduction to Popular Ryokan

Image of a popular ryokan at Ginzan Onsen
Photo:A popular ryokan at Ginzan Onsen

There are 13 ryokan in Ginzan Onsen. The most popular season to visit is winter, especially on weekends, so we recommend making reservations as early as possible. Most ryokan support online reservations, and reservations can be made 3 to 7 months in advance. If there's a ryokan you are interested in, be sure to check its official website as soon as possible.

Here are some popular ryokan in Ginzan Onsen, including the ryokan featured in the video.

[Notoya Ryokan]
Built in 1921, this unique three-story building with a lounge on the fourth floor is designated as a Cultural Property of Japan.
In addition to a large public bath, there is also an open-air bath and a cave bath, and guests can spend a relaxing time in the tranquil rooms.

The Exterior of Notoya Ryokan, With Its Taisho-Roman Atmosphere
[Video] 1:41 - Notoya Ryokan

[Fujiya Inn]
This modern three-story wooden ryokan was designed by Kengo Kuma & Associates. The rooms and baths are designed with an abundance of wood to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The Modern Exterior of Fujiya Inn
[Video] 2:23 - Fujiya

This ryokan also features a Taisho-roman atmosphere. It has two indoor baths, and the baths of its sister inn, Ginzanso, are also available for use. The website also has a live camera of Ginzan Onsen.

Ginzanso, a relatively new building, has a clean outdoor and indoor bath, as well as a bedrock bath facility, where you can slowly warm your body.

With its hot spring baths, and cuisine that makes the most of seasonal ingredients, this wooden ryokan welcomes guests with two indoor baths as well as private open-air baths.

Sightseeing and Food Tourism Around Ginzan Onsen

Image of Shirogane Falls, Shirogane Park, Yamagata Prefecture
Photo:Shirogane Falls, Shirogane Park, Yamagata Prefecture

Inside Shirogane Park, just behind Ginzan Onsen, there is a walking as well. Visitors can stroll along the different paths, choosing the one that best suits their stamina and time, to see magnificent waterfalls such as Shirogane Falls, and tourist attractions such as Senshin Gorge and Nobesawa Ginzan (Nobesawa Silver Mine) Ruins.

The hot spring resort area is also lined places offering delicious food, as well as souvenir shops. At the long-established Nogawa Tofu (野川とうふや), visitors can enjoy standing tofu.
In addition, there are soba noodle shops where you can enjoy freshly made soba noodles, and curry bread is also a popular food in Ginzan Onsen.

Lake Tokura, where you can enjoy cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, autumn leaves, and other seasonal views, is recommended for sightseeing in the surrounding area. If you go a bit further, you can visit the Yamagata Museum of Art, Yamagata Prefectural Museum, Bunshokan, and other tourist attractions.

Summary of Ginzan Onsen

Ginzan Onsen is a fantastic place with scenery that will leave you speechless. The retro scenery is great for taking photos and posting on Instagram as well! Travel agencies offer tours for Ginzan Onsen that can be taken from Tokyo or Osaka, so consider booking a stay at a ryokan of your choice to enjoy the hot springs and delicious cuisine.
Enjoy a relaxing time in a nostalgic hot spring resort town and experience Japan the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

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