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Cruising Through the Canals of Tokyo

This video, titled, "Charming Boat Trips|PR Video|Tokyo Boat Trips (Full ver.)" (舟運や水辺の魅力を伝えるPR動画 東京舟旅), was released by "東京都 Tokyo Metropolitan Government."
It shows boat trips through the rivers of Tokyo.

There are a number of cruise courses on the rivers of Tokyo and in the Port of Tokyo.
These courses offer fascinating scenery as seen in the video.
Cruise courses along the Sumida River (隅田川, the Sumida-Gawa), the Nihonbashi River (日本橋川, Nihonbashi-Gawa), the Kanda River (神田川, Kanda-Gawa), the Meguro River (目黒川, Meguro-Gawa), and other canals are a popular way to see a different side of Tokyo.

Popular Cruising Spots in Tokyo, as Shown in the Video

Image of Tokyo Mizumachi and Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo, Japan
Photo:Tokyo Mizumachi and Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo, Japan

The cruise along Tokyo Sumida River takes you past Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, Odaiba Rainbow Bridge, and other famous landmarks in Tokyo.
The night view of Tennozu, the container terminals, and the Tokyo Gate Bridge are also featured in the video from 1:35.

The advantage of a cruise like the ones shown in the video is that you can get a detailed guide about the sights during the tour, which will help you better understand the attractions of Tokyo.
If you're interested in enjoying a cruise in Tokyo, visit "Tokyo Mizumachi," which connects Asakusa and Tokyo Sky Tree Town, or Gotanda River Station, a pier for cruise ships.

Explore the Tokyo Waterfront on a Cruise With the Video

Image of yakatabune in Odaiba, Tokyo
Photo:Yakatabune in Odaiba, Tokyo

Tokyo's rivers and seashores are spacious, and there are a variety of cruise operations in the area.
This includes waterbus "Himiko," the amphibious bus "Tokyo No Kaba," and "Sakura" of the Tokyo Waterfront Line.
The boats and ferries around Tokyo offer regular courses to typical sightseeing spots, such as Harumi, Ariake, and Aomi, as well as events for special courses.

The Yakatabune course with a beer garden is growing in popularity, as it allows participants to enjoy viewing the cherry blossoms at night, fireworks, and autumn leaves in the tatami room on the boat.
In October 2020, an event called "Sora, Umi, Daichi Tsunagu Minato Fes 2020" (roughly "a port that connects the sky, the sea, and the earth") was held in Tokyo, and it was a great success.

Summary of Tokyo Waterfront Cruising

image of Tokyo, Cruise Ship
Photo:Tokyo, Cruise Ship

As shown in the video, cruises in Tokyo are a fascinating activity that offer completely different scenery depending on the season and time of day.
Enjoy an unforgettable trip around the rivers of Tokyo.

Those looking to enjoy a cruise in Tokyo, be sure to check out the Suitown Tokyo website.
It's marked by the "SUITOWN HEART," the symbol of SUITOSOZO.

【Official Website】Tokyo Boat Trips|Suitown Tokyo

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Cruise Through the Canals of Tokyo and Discover a Side of Japan You Never Knew Existed! Futuristic Waterbuses, Traditional Yakatabune, and Beautiful Fireworks!
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