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Tsuwano's Yoshinoya Ryokan in Shimane Prefecture

This video, created by "Hotel Reservation Management Laboratory Production Planning" (【公式】島根・津和野 |津和野のお宿 よしのや), is a PR video titled "[Official] Shimane・Tsuwano|Tsuwano's Yoshinoya Ryokan."

In this article, we'll take a look at the hospitality of the long-established ryokan, Yoshinoya, which faces Tonomachi street, the main street in Tsuwano, Shimane Prefecture, in Japan's Chugoku region.

Yoshinoya Ryokan is a popular ryokan that offers some of the best hospitality in the business, according to online hotel review and comparison websites.
The video introduces the townscape and tourist attractions of Tsuwano, as well as cuisine, rooms, baths and hot springs of Yoshinoya.
Be sure to follow along with the video as you read on!

Yoshinoya Ryokan in Shimane Prefecture

Yoshinoya is an inn with tatami mats where you can feel comfortable with bare feet.
You can see the tasteful wooden exterior from 0:40 in the video, and the tatami-matted corridors at 0:55.
Yoshinoya is located in a convenient location for sightseeing in Tsuwano, just a 7-minute walk from Tsuwano Station along "Tonomachi Street."

Rooms can be selected according to the number of guests, and in addition to Japanese-style rooms, Western-style rooms are also available.
In the large, spacious public bath, the inn's spring water smooths the skin gives it a feeling of youthfulness.
After taking a bath, you can take a stroll in the colorful yukata provided and have a drink at the cafe & bar "Pollen."
There are also resting areas inside the inn, so be sure to check them out as well. Amenity goods are also provided, so there's no need to bring your own.
The baths at Yoshinoya are introduced at 1:00 in the video.
Please note that the baths are not available for day trips.

Dining at Yoshinoya Ryokan

One of the joys of the high-class ryokan is the Japanese cuisine, which uses an abundance of local ingredients.
The standard Kaiseki cuisine includes the popular "Boiled Nodoguro," made with high-quality fish, and "Mutsumi Pork from Hagi, allowing guests to enjoy a variety of ingredients from Shimane Prefecture.
Upgraded dishes include a full-course Japanese meal featuring Japanese black beef and other specially selected ingredients from the San'in region.

For those looking to enjoy a more casual dining experience, there's "Engi-han" made with Tsuwano's famous Daikoku Meshi.
In addition, you can also try local cuisine, such as Mutsumi pork shabu-shabu, Hamada amaika and San'in crab.
You can see some of these meals at 1:05 in the video.

Sightseeing Around Yoshinoya Ryokan

Image of Shimane prefecture・Taikodani Inari Shrine
Photo:Shimane prefecture・Taikodani Inari Shrine

There are a variety of sightseeing spots within walking distance of Yoshinoya.
The official website also provides information on activities to enjoy near the inn.

Along Tonomachi street, which retains the appearance of a castle town, you'll find Tsuwano Catholic Church, Furuhashi Brewery, Takatsuya Ito Hakusekido, Tsuwano Japan Heritage Center, and the Anno Art Museum.
You can also feed koi at Koi no Komeya Yoshinaga Rice Shop, as shown at 0:11 in the video. The video introduces the brewery where Uijin, the representative brand of "Furuhashi Shuzo," a local brand of sake, is made from 0:16 onwards.

A short walk from the inn is Taikodani Inari Shrine, which can be seen at 0:29 in the video.
Other tourist spots in the vicinity include Tsuwano Castle, the Nichihara Astronomical Observatory, Sara no Ki San'in Product Exhibition, Chikufuken, Hori Teien Garden, a railway turntable, and Otome toge St. Mary's Chapel, all of which are worth a visit.

Summary of Yoshinoya in Shimane Prefecture

As shown in the video, you can enjoy the warm Japanese hospitality and plenty of tourist attractions nearby in the area.

If you want to enjoy a sightseeing trip with a traditional Japanese atmosphere, be sure to check out the video and book your stay at Yoshinoya Ryokan!
Room rates vary by season, course, and room, so be sure to check the official website and travel websites before visiting.

◆Yoshinoya Facility Introduction◆
【Address】〒 699-5605 185 185-3 Goda, Tsuwano, Kaashi, Shimane
【Access】7-minute walk from Tsuwano Station on the JR Yamaguchi Line
【Parking】Available. 12 cars (free)
【Phone number】0856-72-4039

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