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A Look at Kunisaki City, Oita Prefecture

If you're interested in Japanese culture and looking to find some cultural experiences during your visit to Japan, then look no further!
"Kunisaki City, Oita Sightseeing PR Video【Kunisaki Way】" (大分県国東市観光PR動画【Kunisaki Way】), made by Kunisaki City Tourism Office, is packed with the charm of Kunisaki City, Oita Prefecture. Experience ascetic practices, Japanese cuisine, and traditional crafts.

This is where you can have various Japanese cultural experience. This city is a great place for foreign visitors interested in Japan, or those who just want to learn more about Japan.

Enjoy the culture, traditions and nature of Kunisaki City, Oita Prefecture in this video.

Traditional Japanese Culture in Kunisaki City

Image of Futagoji Temple in Kunisaki
Photo:Futagoji Temple in Kunisaki

When we say traditional Japanese culture, you're probably thinking of tea ceremony, ikebana and Haiku. However, Buddhism is also an important part of Japanese culture.
Kunisaki City has many temples where you can try out zazen.
Meditating while performing homa in a quiet mountain village will take you on a spiritual journey to discover what lies within.

As you carry on with your busy daily life, do you sometimes feel like your mind is clouded or tired? If, like most people, you do, then we highly recommend trying meditation at a historic temple in Kunisaki City.

Popular training Dojos include Senpukuji Temple, Rurikoji Temple, Monjusenji Temple, and Futagoji Temple.
Meditation practice at Senpukuji Temple is shown from 0:33 in the video. It could become the highlight of your trip to Japan.

Enjoy Delicious Japanese Cuisine in Kunisaki City

Image of Seki mackerel
Photo:Seki mackerel

Kunisaki City faces the Seto Inland Sea and offers plenty of fresh seafood.
Fish from Bungo Channel are fresh and lean thanks to the warm water of the Pacific Ocean and nutritious water of the Seto Inland Sea.

Yellowtail and mackerel, as well as brand name fish like horse mackerel and Largehead hairtail, are delicious.
Sashimi made from horse mackerel and yellowtail from Bungo Channel is to die for.

Sakurao pork from Kunisaki City is also quite popular.
The pigs here are raised in a stress-free environment, making their meat extremely tender. We recommend trying pork cutlets made from them.
The video shows delicious foods from Kunisaki City at 1:25.
Why not go to Kunisaki City and try some of the delicious local cuisine?

Traditional Japanese Crafts and Art Are Also Big in Kunisaki City!

You can try out traditional Japanese culture and art in Kunisaki City as well.
A place called Toinryo in Kunisaki City is a community center where people engaged in handicrafts and art activities meet.
It is also an art exhibition venue, where you can see various artistic creations.

The Shichitoi plant is also produced in Kunisaki.
Shichitoi plants have 350 years of history and are used in tough Ryuku Tatami.

The cardboard crafts are also beautiful. You wouldn’t guess that they are made of cardboard just by looking at them. If you're interested, check out the video from 2:13.

Summary of Kunisaki City, Oita Prefecure

Kunisaki City is a great place to experience Japanese culture.
The Kebesu Festival, a fire festival in Kunisaki, Kunimi Furusato Exhibition Hall and Imibetsu Shrine are all great ways to experience Japanese history and culture.
If you're curious, be sure to do some sightseeing!

In addition to introducing Japanese culture, the video also introduces some spectacular areas and events where you can admire the natural landscape of Kunisaki City.
The video shows a lot more than what we could get around to in this article, so be sure to check it out!

【Official Website】Oita Prefecture Kunisaki City Hall Website

【Tripadviser】Kunisaki City, Oita Prefecture

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From Cultural Experiences to Delicious Food, Oita Prefecture’s Kunisaki City Is Full of Things to Do!
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