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About the Video of Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival

If you're looking for a place where you can enjoy viewing cherry blossoms and feeling Japan's unique spring atmosphere, then look no further!
There are many others just like yourself looking to relax among the cherry blossoms and enjoy the fresh spring breeze.
Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival, held in Kawazu, Shizuoka Prefecture is a festival where you can do just that.
The beautiful 4K footage allows you enjoy the blissful atmosphere of the Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival.
Be sure to follow along as you read this article!

Izu's Popular Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival

Image of Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival
Photo:Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival

The Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival, held in Kawazu, Izu, is a beautiful festival where you can see the town of Kawazu covered with pink cherry blossoms.
Kawazu Sakura is a type of cherry blossom tree that starts blooming earlier than most other cherry blossom trees, starting from around early February to early March.
The origin of Kawazu cherry blossoms dates back to 1955, when one of the local townspeople found a tree growing amongst the weeds in his back yard.
Back then the trees were called "Komine Sakura," but were renamed to ‘Kawazu Sakura’ in 1974.
The Kawazu Sakura is characterized by its large petals and pink color, and when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, a flurry of falling cherry blossoms creates the most beautiful scenery.

The Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival is a popular festival that approximately one million tourists visit every year.
People enjoy the festival by taking a walk along the river, or having a picnic in the park while drinking and enjoying food from food stands.
It's often crowded so you might have to save a spot for a picnic beforehand.
There are outhouses at the festival, along with regular restrooms throughout the park.
Come experience the beautiful cherry blossoms at the Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival!

Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival Schedule and Attractions to Enjoy Japanese Cherry Blossoms in Izu

The Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival in Kawazu, Izu is a must-see festival for anyone interested in cherry blossoms or Japan's beautiful scenery.
The cherry blossoms can be enjoyed in various ways depending on the location and time.
There are approximately 8,000 cherry trees in Kawazu and about 850 along the Kawazu River.
During full-bloom, these trees showcase the beauty of Kawazu.
The one along the the Kawazu river are especially beautiful.
You can enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms at full bloom along the river for more than 4 kilometers!
We recommend that you try to find your own little secret spot to avoid the crowds.

This video shows you the cherry blossoms in full bloom at various spots along the Kawazu River at 0:28.
Was there anything that caught your eye?
There are also places where the cherry blossoms are lit up at night as well.
It's an impressive sight that you can only experience at night time.
Be sure to check it out if you have the chance, as it's one of the best parts of the Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival.
There are also other cherry blossom festivals in the Kawazu area where you can see the cherry blossoms and rape blossoms in harmony with one another.

The 2024 Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival will be held from February 1 to 29, 2024. Please check the official website for a map of stalls that will be available in late January 2024.

Enjoy Authentic Japanese Cherry Blossoms in Kawazu

During the Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival in Izu, there are several spots we recommend visiting to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms.
As we mentioned above, one of the ways you can enjoy the cherry blossoms is with the illumination at night, shown at 5:02 in the video.
Access to the cherry blossoms illumination is 20 minutes walking from Kawazu Station on the Izu Kyuko Line.
It's an incredible scenec location, so don't forget to bring your camera!

We also recommend going around and collecting your shuin stamp when visiting the Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival.
There's a red stamp that's only available during the festival at Seisoku Temple nearby, so be sure not to miss it!
Enjoying both the cherry blossoms and collecting your red seal stamps will make for an unforgettable trip.

Summary of Izu's Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival

The video, created by "Discover Nippon," is a beautiful 4K video that introduces the charm of the Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival in Izu.

If you're curious about the Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival after reading this article, be sure to check out the video! If you love cherry blossoms or spring in Japan, then you'll love this festival!
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kawazu!

【Official Website】Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival Info|Official Website

【Official Website】Kawazu, Kamogun, Shizuoka, Japan Town Official Website

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The Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival Is a Popular Event in Izu, Shizuoka Where the Entire Town Is Dyed Pink With Cherry Blossoms. A Look at Izu's Beautiful Spring Scenery and Recommend Tourist Attractions!
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