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Tokyo's Famous Cherry Blossom Spot, Chidorigafuchi

If you're wondering where you can enjoy the beauty of Japan's 4 seasons, then look no further than Chidorigafuchi!

When people think about visiting Tokyo, they probably think of gourmet food, shopping, and theme parks.
But they're missing out, because while Tokyo may be the big city, there's still plenty of nature to be seen there.

This video was created by “Japan Explorers.” It introduces cherry blossom viewing at night in Chidorigafuchi, Tokyo.
The video is called “Chidorigafuchi Cherry Blossom [8k](千鳥ヶ淵の夜桜 ライトアップ Chidorigafuchi Cherry Blossom [8K]).”
This article provides historical information about Chidorigafuchi, located in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward, as well as information on the lit up cherry blossoms during the "Chiyoda Cherry Blossom Festival."
It also explains the history of the cherry blossoms.
The video demonstrates the beauty of the cherry blossoms as they light up under the night sky with high resolution 8K quality.
It's amazing that you can find such a beautiful place in the middle of Tokyo.
Please enjoy article and be sure to follow along with the video showcasing beautiful cherry blossoms.

Chidorigafuchi, a famous sightseeing spot in Tokyo

Image of Imperial Palace, Chidorigafuchi where cherry blossoms bloom
Photo:Cherry blossoms at the Imperial Palace, Chidorigafuchi

Chidorigafuchi in Chiyoda, Tokyo is a moat northwest of the Imperial Palace.
There is an event called the “Chiyoda Cherry Blossom Festival” where the cherry blossoms are lit up at night in the spring.
We recommend taking a look at the breathtaking cherry blossoms reflecting off the surface of the water.

Chidorigafuchi is a moat made after the opening of Edo in 1603. The moat was constructed as an expansion of the former Edo Castle.
To create it, they blocked the river using earthen bridges at Hanzomon gate and Tayasumon gate.
It used to be connected to the moat bordering Daikancho street, but it was reclaimed for road construction in 1900, and it became a separate moat.
Hanzo moat is next to Chidorigafuchi park.

There is a boat dock in the Chidorigafuchi green way, and you can enjoy the view of cherry blossoms from the boat.
We recommend taking a boat ride to avoid the crowds.
The nearest stations are Hanzomon station and Kudange subway station.
It is only a 5-minute walk from both stations.
There are no parking spots near Chidorigafuchi green way, so we recommend taking public transportation to Chidorigafuchi. Most poeple probably think of Tokyo tower and Tokyo Sky Tree when they think of tourist spots in Tokyo, but Chidorigafuchi is an amazing place for sightseeing.
There's also Nippon Budokan and the British Embassy in the area as well.

What is the best time and place to see cherry blossoms at Chidorigafuchi?

Image of Chidorigafuchi cherry blossoms
Photo:Cherry blossoms lit up in Chidorigafuchi

Yasukuni-dori Street and Chidorigabuchi are known as the most popular cherry blossom spots in Tokyo, attracting about 1.3 million visitors from home and abroad every year.

Cherry blossoms in Chidorigabuchi are at their best from late March to early April.You can see beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom in white and pink, and by the time they are past their full bloom, the "zero cherry blossoms" that have fallen on the water surface create another tasteful scene.

On the Chidorigabuchi Green Road in spring, where 260 cherry trees bloom beautifully, you will be able to see plenty of cherry blossoms that you can see.
There are about 330 cherry trees on the Kitanomaru side of the park and about 260 Someiyoshino and Yamazakura cherry trees along the Chidorigafuchi Greenway avenue.
All these cherry blossoms turn the area around the moat pink.

The Chiyoda Cherry Blossom Festival is held every year according to the bloom conditions.
The night light up as “Chiyoda Cherry Blossom” entertains you with the fantastic view of cherry blossoms.
Parties and securing spaces is banned at Chiyoda Cherry Blossom Festival.
There are also no street markets and the number of bathrooms is limited.
We recommend viewing the beautiful, illuminated cherry blossoms from the Chidorigafuchi greenway in the spring.
In the video at 0:42, you can see an amazing view of the cherry blossoms lit up.
It's truly a sight unlike any other. Be sure to take some pictures to commemorate your trip and to post on Instagram!

Information about the cherry blossoms in Chidorigafuchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo.

The best time to see cherry blossoms is from late March to early April.
The types of cherry blossoms are Someiyoshino, Oshima-zakura, and Shidare-zakura.
The Chiyoda Cherry Blossom Festival is held based on the bloom forecast, so be sure to check the official website if you're planning to come to the festival.

Summary of Cherry Blossoms at Chidorigafuchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo

Image of Flowering
©r_abe01 Modifying

Be sure to check out the video if you're curious about the cherry blossoms in Chidorigafuchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo.
As you can see in the video, Chidorigafuchi's cherry blossoms are quite the spectacle.
Enjoy the beautiful night light up of the cherry blossoms at Chidorigafuchi.
If you want to relax in an oasis in the city or enjoy the Japanese springtime tradition of hanami, this is the place to be!
Be sure to watch the video to see the beautiful cherry blossoms!

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