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This video, titled "Grandma's Recipes|Grandma Sumiko's Osechi" (Grandma's Recipes|すみこおばあちゃんのおせち), was released by "Grandma’s Recipes."

In this video, Grandma Sumiko who lives in Warabino, Kochi Prefecture, is handling a big fish.
As you can see at 3:30 in the video, she stuffs the fish's belly with her original stuffing and cooks it slowly in a steamer.

The video also shows her gathering her relatives together for a rice cake pounding event and cooking a special dish for a banquet.
She seems very happy and cheerful as she cooks for her husband and her beloved family with all her heart and soul.
Watch the video to see what a wonderful moment in the Japanese countryside looks like!

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This Sweet Grandma Passes Down a Gorgeous Festive Recipe! A Traditional Dish to Be Passed on to the Next Generation!
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