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An introduction to Inawashiro Lake

This video, titled "Lake of the Heart - Lake Inawashiro in Autumn" ([Lake of the Heart] 猪苗代湖PRムービー「秋編」 Lake Inawashiro in Autumn), was released by Koriyama City.
It's a promotional video that focuses on the natural environment of Inawashiro Lake during the peak of its autumn foliage.

Lake Inawashiro is the 4th largest lake in Japan, extending over the three municipalities of Aizuwakamatsu, Koriyama and Inawashiro.
Nicknamed "Heavenly Mirror Lake" (天鏡湖, Tenkyoko), the lake boasts stunningly clear water, and its beautiful natural environments make it a year-round retreat.

The view of Lake Inawashiro with its splendid display of autumn colors can be seen in the video as well.
Enjoy the beauty of this destination during the autumn season!

Popular Outdoor Activities Around Lake Inawashiro

A cruising tour navigates tourists through the diverse natural landscapes around the lake.
Cruising on a turtle or swan-shaped boat will definitely be a highlight of your trip.
The video starts with the swan boat elegantly swimming across the lake.

A variety of outdoor activities are offered in the lakeside area including camping, and fishing, as well as row or pedal boats, and the auto campsite, "Lake Inawashiro Mobilage" caters to visitors who want to spend their holidays in the great outdoors.

The Lake Inawashiro Area

Image of Autumn  Mt.Adatara
Photo:Autumn at Mt. Adatara

Lake Inawashiro is also home to some popular sightseeing destinations as well.

Mt. Adatara and Mt. Bandai (Both mountains being on the list of "One hundred famous mountains of Japan") offer a splendid overlook of Lake Inawashiro from their high elevation.
As the hometown of the Nobel-prize laureate bacteriologist Noguchi Hideyo, Inawashiro-cho founded the Memorial Hall where visitors can learn about his life and achievements.
Although not well known, Lake Hibara and Oguni-numa Pond are two attractive destinations for history buffs.

Onsen & Local Dishes - Authentic Japanese Experiences Around Lake Inawashiro

There are some onsen (hot spring) hotels located in the area as well, many of which have a day pass admission plan as well.
Spending a night at an onsen hotel helps you to fully appreciate the charms of the location.

"Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Station) Inawashiro" is a good place to try the local dishes such as Soba or Kamameshi (a type of Japanese pilaf cooked with local "Aizu" chicken).
The soba making process is demonstrated from 1:26 and you can see the flowering buckwheat field at 1:03 in the video.
Taking a break at one of the lakeside cafes gives you a moment of peace with the fine view of Lake Inawashiro and Mt. Bandai.

The Beauty of Lake Inawashiro Awaits You!

Lake Inawashiro is a popular destination in Fukushima Prefecture, and its autumn landscapes displayed in the video are sure to make you want to drop by for a visit.

Lake Inawashiro is the perfect destination for appreciating Japan's natural beauty.

【Official Website】Inawashiro-cho, Fukushima Prefecture

【Official Website】Inawashiro Tourist Information

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Lake Inawashiro - A Breathtaking Color Makeover of Autumn Leaves, and All You Need to Know to Fully Explore One of the Top Tourist Destinations in Fukushima Prefecture!
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